Repair of chainsaws
Among the economic tools of the owner of a privatehome must be a chainsaw - an indispensable thing in the farm, if you need to burn firewood, cut dry branches on garden trees or even a whole tree.

In recent years, market leadershipgarden equipment is held by Stihl. Chainsaws of the company have an affordable price in the region of 7000-8000 rubles and a sufficiently high quality for such a price. Therefore, not only residents of the private sector, but also loggers and workers of communal services for landscaping, took them into service. Unfortunately, even high-quality equipment eventually develops its life and requires replacement of individual components. Repair chainsaws often have to do on their own, as the breakdown, basically, begins after the end of the warranty period.

Major breakdowns

Chainsaw repair manual
Before handing over the broken chainsaw to the repairservice, it is worth trying to identify the failure and, possibly, fix it. For this, there is a repair manual for the chain saw, which is always included in the delivery. In it you can find answers to how to perform repairs in cases where:

  • the chain broke;
  • the saw does not start;
  • the saw is started and I will fight, but stalls;
  • The chainsaw works, but not at full capacity.

When the chain is broken, it is probably clear to everyone thatIt must be replaced or repaired if there is a technical capacity for this. In other words, this is a minor repair of the chain saw, since the breakdown is easily eliminated. Worse things are, when there are problems with the engine, but in this case everything can be understood independently.

Superficial reasons

To superficial breakdowns can be attributed cases,when the problem lies in minor nuances, for example, such as the absence of a spark. In this case, the repair of the chainsaw will consist only in testing the spark plug and replacing it if it has failed. If the candle is working, but absolutely dry, then there is no fuel supply and it is necessary to clean the carburetor. Due to the poor quality of the fuel and the presence of various foreign impurities in it, the carburetor can often clog and close the path for fuel. If carburetor cleaning does not give a positive result, then it will be necessary to check the piston. With the use of poor quality fuel, the repair of the Chain 180 "Chainsaw" is exactly what ends up.

The problem of the Chainsaw motor is "Calm 180"

Repair chainsaw calm 180
Chainsaw "Calm 180" is quite goodWorking resource, but on condition of using quality oil and fuel. Do not refuel with gasoline with the addition of alcohol or a mixture of benzene and toluene. The use of this fuel significantly shortens the life of the piston. The piston burns out, and on it chips are formed and piston rings are destroyed. To replace the piston, unscrew the four nuts on the head and remove the cylinder. After that, the piston will be available for replacement. Such a repair of chainsaws is considered the most difficult, but if you look into the instructions in detail, then everyone will be able to figure out how and what to do in order to restore the chainsaw efficiency.

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