Saying an English lawyer of the XVII century,who claimed that "... my house is my fortress ...", has not lost its relevance after four centuries. One of the important tasks in the construction of any building object, from a small house outside the city to a large industrial enterprise, is to protect the adjacent territory from penetration by strangers. The easiest way to solve it is to install a fence around the perimeter of the site and the gate at the entrance point. And with the design of these elements it is desirable to determine at the design stage of construction, taking into account the conditions of their operation and the characteristics of the installation site.

industrial sliding gates
Optimum choice, both for owners of a hugemansion, as well as for owners of a modest cottage house, are sliding sliding gates, and mostly console-type models are used. The principle of operation of such products consists in the movement of the supporting beam and the canvas attached to it on carriages fixed to the base of concrete.

Compared with other types of similar products more profitable install sliding gates for dachas and country houses, as they are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Do not limit the height of the opening and do not require additional space when opening, which saves space.
  • The resistance to movement does not depend on the direction and force of the wind.
  • A reliable opening mechanism is capable of withstanding significant loads and can be operated without damage under adverse climatic conditions.
  • A variety of decorative design allows you to choose the finish of the canvas, which harmonizes with the structures built in any architectural style.

Automation of the gate: click on the button

sliding sliding gates
For ease of operation, sliding gates forcottages are most often equipped with an automatic drive, which allows them to be opened remotely with a key or a button, without exerting effort. It consists of a driving gear and an electric motor of a certain power with a reducer and fixed on the foundation near the valves, on which the rack is fixed. When the mechanism is turned on, the motor torque is transmitted to it through the gear gear and allows to increase or decrease the amount of opening of the opening.

The drive model is selected depending on the massgate and the required number of working cycles per day. It can also be equipped with photocells that stop the movement of the canvas in the event of an obstacle. Add to the automation of the gate can be a video surveillance system, which will allow to see the visitor and let in only acquaintances or relatives.

Gate design: harmony of color and texture

If the industrial sliding gate, first of all, should be functional, then fortheir household counterparts of no small importance is the decorative design of the canvas. Its base can be solid, made of sandwich panels, profiled metal sheet or aluminum profile. Depending on the type of cloth for finishing the surface of the gate, powder paint of various shades or protective polymer coating, monophonic or with imitation of natural materials, is used. Paneling of natural wood is used for decoration of premium products.

sliding gates for cottages

Sliding gates for dachas or country housescan also be latticed: welded or forged. They are painted by powder spraying or by oil paint on the ground. Forged gates are more expensive, but they look much more effective, especially if the grille pattern is matched with taste. The welded fabric is less refined, but its manufacture does not require significant expenses.

For the sliding gates to be built in harmony withhouse and other buildings, when choosing their finishes, it is necessary to take into account the architecture of the building, the design and the color scheme of the facade. If the design of the sheet of recoiling elements is in harmony with the external appearance of the structure, the fortress will be not only impregnable, but also beautiful.

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