A house in nature is a dream for any person. There you can hide from the city bustle, relax, enjoy the unity with nature and just enjoy the silence. However, this is only in the ideal, because comfortable conditions must first be achieved. And one of the most unpleasant moments in this regard is the construction of a toilet in the country. We should seriously think about how to solve the problem most rationally. And, of course, choose antiseptics for the toilet in the country.

antiseptics for the toilet in the country
Dry closet and its features

Fortunately, the time has passed when this placeIt consisted of four wooden walls and a hole in the floor. Such toilets were terribly impractical, catastrophically unaesthetic and could spoil the atmosphere of rest for many meters around them. It is not even worth remembering how the disposal of the waste occurred - everyone who has had to deal with this, prefers to forget this experience. Now in the courtyard of the twenty-first century, which means that for everyone there is a complete shower and toilet for the dacha, and the house on nature has long ceased to be an island of wildlife. Another question is which toilet to choose and which antiseptics to use for it. One of the most convenient and practical options for such a place, suitable for any cottage, is a bio-toilet. Comfortable, transportable, aesthetic, it will allow you to forget forever about the eternal country problem. However, before buying it, you need to decide what kind of antiseptics for the toilet at the dacha will then have to be used.

Chemical and peat

The main antiseptics, which are used in chemical toilets, are chemical and liquid.

toilet construction in the country
Liquid substance allows to completely dissolvewaste of life and destroy the unpleasant odor. Chemical antiseptics come in different types from different manufacturers, but they are always the same. So do not spend a lot of time thinking, if you have already decided that you will use just such a tool.

However, antiseptics for the toilet in the cottage can beand in solid form, that is, peat. They also eliminate the unpleasant odor, but at the same time turn waste into fertilizer. It would seem that the option is just perfect, but it has its drawbacks, which you should know about before you decide to purchase a biotoilet and antiseptics for it.


First of all, this is a small amount. Firstly, because of this, very often it is necessary to add fresh antiseptics for the toilet in the country, that is, either constantly go to the store for them, or store a large stock in the house.

shower and toilet for summer residence
And secondly, it leads to less pleasantconsequences. The container with the recycled waste must be emptied quite often, and let all the smells have already been destroyed, the sight is still not the most pleasant. Plus, the need for compost pits does not disappear. Antiseptics are inexpensive, the toilet is convenient to use, so if you are not afraid of the above disadvantages, then you can safely equip your summer cottage with this device, which will greatly facilitate your life in nature.

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