The gate of a private house or villa is the first to meet guests. They should look nice and harmonize with the entire design of the site.

By design, the gates for dachas can beswinging, rollback, automatic and manual. As a rule, they are made of sandwich panels, corrugated board or wood. The most popular are swing structures. This product consists of two flaps, consisting of a supporting frame and its lining. Such constructions are opened both inside and outside.

Gates for cottages

Advantages that have a swing gate for a summer residence:

- Simple, robust and reliable construction;

- the installation of the drive allows you to remotely control the opening and closing of the doors;

- when selecting a good lining and after painting, they have a respectable appearance;

- Convenience in operation.

Disadvantage: require a lot of space when opening.

Increasingly widespread fallgates to give. In the special foundation along the fence, a guide is mounted, along which the panel moves on the rollers. Their main advantage is space saving. There is no contact with the ground, which does not cause difficulties in opening them in any weather, even in a big snowfall. Facing is selected for the design of the fence and the facade of the house. Usually such devices operate in automatic mode, but sometimes the promotion of the car is controlled by the built-in photocell.

The disadvantage of such designs is a higher cost associated with a large number of components.

The gate is most often made for giving outProfiled sheeting - a metal building material with high strength and durability. To increase the resistance to the effects of unfavorable external factors, its surface is covered with a different color by a polymer coating, which also increases the mechanical strength.

Gates for dachas from corrugated boarding

The use of corrugated board gives the gatepracticality in operation, convenience in processing. Products look modern and beautiful. They can easily be done by the owner of the site. Such gates for the dacha can be both roll-back and swing, and turn-up.


- a relatively small weight, which allows you to simplify the delivery and installation of the structure, and when installing the drive it can buy a less powerful, and therefore cheaper;

- durability. The correct fabrication technology allows a service life of up to 25 years. No special care required, the design tolerates adverse weather conditions;

- beautiful appearance. They perfectly fit into any design of the site. Well combined with natural stone, facing brick, ceramic tile or metal.

- a relatively low price allows them to be widely used.

For ease of hit on your sitemake a gate for a dacha with a wicket that can be mounted in a sectional frame or stand alone. The second option is more complicated. In this case, in addition, it is necessary to perform the whole complex of works on its installation.

Gates for cottages with wicket door

Advantages of a gate with a built-in wicket:

- do not need to install it separately;

- at the entrance, exit is not required to open the gate;

- cheaper wicket installation.


- weakening the design of the gate;

- the threshold creates some inconvenience, you can not ride a bicycle or carry a wheelbarrow.

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