To date, more and more owners of suburbanhouses choose the option of fencing, as the gates are swinging. For cottages and cottages this is the best option, because it is in them that such characteristics as relatively low cost, reliability and practicality of construction are embodied. To ensure that these gates do not cause frustration with their owners, you need to familiarize yourself in advance with all the nuances in choosing. So, let's figure out what to look for when buying.

swing gates to give


The first characteristic that allwhen choosing this design, this is its price. The concrete cost for a swing gate for a dacha depends directly on the material from which they are made. Now the most common materials are wood, steel with a polymer coating and aluminum. As practice shows, the best are only the last two options. Also the price depends on the wings, which can be made of wood or metal.

Type of construction

If you want to purchase a gate with built-inwicket, decide where it will be: in the center of the structure or on the side. It is important to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each location. For example, if the gate is placed in the center, you will have to step over the threshold of the gate. But still the side variant has fewer minuses, and such a design will be more convenient to use.

swing gates for garage


Be sure to pay attention when choosingdesign of the gate. Keep in mind that all models can be lattice, forged, integral or combined type. When choosing a gate design, compare it with the general view of your fence and the site as a whole.


One of the main characteristics - the dimensionsstructure. The width of the gate depends on the type of road. Remember, if the road is very narrow, the gate should be as wide as possible. This is necessary for a convenient and trouble-free vehicle entry to your site. Also, remember that the wider the gate, the greater their weight. Therefore, choose only those swing gates for dachas, which have large supports (pillars).

Optional equipment

Now the stores have a lot of gates withthe electric drive. This characteristic means automatic opening, closing the gate by pressing a certain button. It is worth noting that the electric motor, though beneficial, but it is sometimes as much as the new swing gates for giving without an electric drive.

gates hinged for giving

Select a company and a store

Also, carefully study the company thatproduces a swing gate for a garage or villa. This will help you with the feedback of other buyers. Entering the store, ask the seller about the terms and conditions of delivery, as well as the installation of the gate. When buying, do not choose your first choice. It is better to inspect the entire range to compare all the features and choose the most suitable swing gates to give.


So, we got acquainted with all the criteria for choosing swing gates. Now you can safely proceed to buy.

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