Every summer resident or owner of a country housesooner or later he wants to feel like a decorator and decorate his garden or house with anything unusual. Surely you have some old things that are a pity to throw out, but it's impossible to use, we offer some interesting ideas for giving.

ideas for a holiday with their own hands
With your hands from unnecessary things you can create very beautiful decor items.

The child grows up, adults and children wear outshoes, shoes are out of fashion. So why not use old rubber boots that are small or not needed, like the original flower pot for summer flowers?

Sprinkle chernozem inside them and plant an annual seedling, which does not require much space for the root system.

Very creative look kashpo for climbing plants from old sneakers or shoes.

interesting ideas for giving

Fasten them directly to the tree trunk in your garden or on the stump left from the sawn apple, and you are provided with modern gardens of the Semiramis.

Interesting ideas for giving and garden can be inspired not only by old shoes, but also by any other unnecessary thing.

ideas for cottage and garden
Secure on trunk, frame or front wheela broken bicycle basket for flowers, paint the vehicle itself in a bright color with metal paint, and a unique art object will settle in your garden.

And in what house are there no unnecessary boxes, suitcases, bags?

an interesting idea for a garden - a desert in a suitcase
Such ideas for giving by own hands are born fromone glance at them. Create a small piece of desert in your garden. Pick unpretentious low-growing plants from one areola habitat, plant them in an old suitcase. Let this flower arrangement remind you of the hot days of your vacation.

ideas for giving and garden with their own hands - funny bugs
When decorating the garden, let's not forget about birds. They not only please us in the morning with their frenzied tweets and gleaming trills, but also help to fight with various pests. In the difficult winter months, you need to diversify the diet for the birds to attract them to our garden. Make a unique trough from the tin can all the family. Let's cut a small hole in the bottom, fix a bird's perch under it. Let our old bank turn into a bee or a flying beetle with the help of wire and stripes or specks made with multicolored paint.

sun slide
What would the old desk look like? The table top is painted, the drawers do not close, and the model is obsolete. However, he also gives us ideas for the dacha with his own hands. Give the brightness to the old table and chair, adding the sun in their color. And from the boxes you can make a flower slide. The large-leaf plants in the lower boxes will look great, and the cascading flowers in the upper ones.

Do not limit your imagination to the standardthe purpose of things. Interesting ideas for giving your own hands are born at one glance at the old, forgotten thing that you have prepared to throw away. Do not rush it. Bright paint, seedlings of flowers, a small part of the miracle will transform not only your garden and house, but also add joy and celebration to the life and everyday life of you and your loved ones.

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