Wooden toilet with own hands

Before you erect a wooden toilet with your ownhands, it is necessary to determine its location and appearance. You can make a stand-alone structure, and it's also quite possible to combine with a shower when various conveniences are placed under one roof. The structure of this type should be on a level ground or a very small hill, otherwise the cesspool will be flooded with melt and rainwater. Doing the toilet for the dacha with their own hands, you need to take into account the distance to other buildings. For example, if there are 7-10 meters from the dwelling, it should be removed from the well by at least fifteen meters.

Arranging a wooden toilet with your own hands,combined with a shower, it is recommended to choose a place where at certain times the sun changes from a shadow. In the summer, of course, it is better not to overheat it, but it can not be constantly protected by trees and other structures. Particular attention will have to be paid to the soil on which the structure will be located. It should not be very rigid and floating. Also, you should not install this structure where there used to be a garbage dump or a cesspool or a cellar, since they significantly weaken the soil.

Wooden toilet

Doing a wooden toilet yourself, firstit is necessary to make at least a simple drawing and estimate, as well as to make preparatory work. In fact, the process will require serious labor, but a person who knows how to work with his hands, it's not scary. After choosing a place for the design, it is very important to prepare well for work, to buy the necessary materials and to prepare the tool. Thanks to this, it will be possible to complete the structure in a short time, without being distracted by other moments. Before the construction starts, the project is completely checked, errors in which can negatively affect the reliability and aesthetics of the structure.

Toilet for self catering

When a wooden toilet is made byhands, in the first place a skeleton of a bar is made. Vertical load-bearing struts should at least intersect the crate at least three times. Then the structure will find the necessary strength. A bar with a cross section of 40 x 80 mm and more is quite suitable. After making a vertical structure, you can go to the crate under the lining. A good option is an edging board, which makes it look pretty. It, in turn, is located horizontally or vertically, which is caused by the facing material.

Having made a wooden toilet outside with your own hands,proceed directly to the arrangement of the interior. First of all, it is necessary to organize a seat, which does not initially imply the presence of a toilet bowl. It can be arranged in the form of a common area or a separate elevation. As a matter of fact, it is an uncomplicated timber structure, planked and having internal waterproofing. As for the roofing, there are so many variants that you can get completely confused in their variety. However, the main role in our case is the tightness.

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