Chainsaw is a very necessary thing in the household. And if you periodically engage in the processing of garden lands or by harvesting firewood, from time to time check the condition of the chain, or rather, its sharpness. After all, each manufacturer in the instruction indicates that the sharpening of this element should be made after so many hours of work. Often firms do not provide accurate data. Perhaps this is correct, since the saw's cutting properties are highly dependent on the material that they process. Agree, the difference in cutting heavy oak and ordinary poplar is quite large. Accordingly, efforts must be made different. It is quite clear that when the chain is badly ground, the motor wears out strongly during processing of the material, and the device itself constantly "wobbles" from side to side, which does not guarantee a high-quality performance of the work. Therefore, it is necessary to sharpen this mechanism regularly.

chainsaw sharpening machine

How useful is the saw chain grinder?

Some owners process the teeth of thismechanically by using a file. However, this method is very laborious and complex. In addition, if it is inconsistent with the level of the tool's inclination, it is possible to dull the chain even further. Therefore, in order to avoid inaccuracies, the owners of gasoline and electric power use a special machine for sharpening chainsaw chain. Its main advantages are the quality and speed of the work performed. In the case of the file, the quality of the work will depend only on your movements, and treating several dozen teeth in a row - you will agree, is not a very fascinating process.

chain grinder

Machine Tool

By its design, the chain grinding machine("Calm" including) is a cutting saw, in which the chain is fixed on a special support between the swiveling vice. The device also has a cutting disc: it alternately feeds and sharpens the teeth of the machined mechanism. Depending on the step of the chain, a certain angle is set on the machine with respect to the plane of the disk. The latter has a thickness of 3.5 millimeters, which guarantees a quick and high-quality performance of the work.


If the chainsaw grinder canhave the same thickness of the disk, then here the speed of rotation of the spindle in it can vary significantly. Depending on the model used, this value varies from 3 to 7 thousand rpm. The higher the speed of rotation, the faster the processing of the teeth. In this case, the device can be equipped with a mechanism for turning not only the clamping device with the chain, but also the grinding head itself.

machine for sharpening saw chains


In general, the chainsaw grinding machine -very productive and easy to use device, you can learn how to work with it much faster than with a file. After all, you do not sharpen the teeth, but a special disk. You only need to periodically bring the edge of the tool to the grinding machine for sharpening the chainsaw before final sharpening.

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