Forging is one of the oldest methods of processingmetals. Such objects are very beautiful and do not change over the centuries. Forged gates - this indescribable beauty, in which a man invests his soul, this embodiment of his imagination into reality.

Forged gates

Forged gates made by own hands

The first thing that guests pay attention to when approachingto the house, this is the gate. Forged gates with their own hands are difficult to create, but quite realistic. To do this, you need forge tools, tools, bugle and anvil. The horn is a furnace for metal, the main requirement for high-quality work is constantly high temperature. Due to this, the metal can be given absolutely any shape.

In addition to the leading devices, you need andadditional devices. In order to hold hot metal, special mites are needed, for hammering - hammers of different sizes, and for creating holes, special piercings are needed. A tool that is not enough, you can make yourself.

forged gates recoiling
For the production of each element, a largethe number of different instruments, which can reach up to one hundred pieces. Before starting to make a forged gate, it is very important to study the types of metals, how they behave when heated, what changes occur inside the structure. It is necessary to learn how to feel the material, see its more expressive features and be able to distinguish them.

Forged gates begin to do with the sketch. You need to buy the necessary amount of metal and a pair of rods, best of all a square section, they are suitable for the frame. After the sketches are made on paper, all dimensions are indicated, and the details are cut. Then they are bent according to the drawing. After this, the finished turns are connected to each other and fastened to the frame of the gate.

For the forged gate to be beautiful, it is requiredsave the plane. During the use of welding, it is important to have time to knock off the slag obtained at the seams, since if this is not done, cracks can form, everything will start to collapse, holes will appear, and this will ensure good access of moisture to the steel, which in the end will lead to a corrosive destruction of the entire structure.

The finished work of art must be treated with sandpaper and painted with black paint. Can be covered with golden enamel, it is elegantly combined with black.

forged gates with own hands

Forged forged gates

Swing gates are beautiful, they haveadvantage in the simplicity of the design, but the sliding forged gates are much more convenient. Moreover, they are more practical. Forged gates have a number of advantages: the design is one-piece - it will do without deformations, there is no need to clean the site in front of the gate, especially in winter, can be put in both large production and at home, made for openings of any width.

Sliding gates can also behands, this requires a study of the design. It is very simple, has the appearance of a cloth with a counterweight part, it is fastened with a variety of accessories. The process of manufacturing sliding doors is much larger and consists of two stages. First, the canvas is prepared, and then this fabric is mounted on the base.

But no matter what these gates are - roll-back or swinging, the main thing is to make them well. Quality execution will give the house a unique and individual style.

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