Today the chainsaw is one of the mostdemanded tools. And this is not surprising, because with the help of this device you can easily saw wood, cut off branches, divide the trunk into logs for harvesting firewood, etc. Chainsaws, whose reviews indicate their high productivity, are indispensable helpers in the construction of arbors, log houses and other structures of wood. The main advantage of these tools lies in the energy independence from power supplies. This makes it possible to conduct work in places where there is no electricity.

The modern market is saturated with diverseconstruction tools. Among them, the Echo chainsaws are in high demand, the testimonials of which testify to the high quality of these attachments. The tools of this brand are known all over the world. They represent a combination of a two-stroke environmentally friendly engine and modern technologies in the field of mechanics. These chainsaws, reviews of which indicate high performance, have amazing power and quite low noise. The first instruments under the trademark "Echo" appeared in 1963, and to this day they remain in demand and are relevant in the construction market.

The data of chainsaws, whose reviews indicatetheir amazing ergonomics, are characterized by incredible ease and ease of use. In the garden area, harvesting wood or cutting off branches, even a miniature woman or an elderly person can work with them. However, Echo chainsaws are quite a serious device. The lineup includes both compact amateur instruments and professional multifunctional units. The data of chainsaws, which testify about their low cost, are essentially new generation devices. In their development, innovative technologies in the field of metalworking, fundamental ergonomic studies and unique design findings were used.

Along with Echo chainsaws, quite highquality tools are brand Stihl. They are reliable, easy to operate and extremely convenient. Chainsaws Stihl, whose reviews indicate the high power of these tools, are equipped with a compact engine. Today under this trade mark are produced both professional motor adaptations intended for working with wood, and non-motorized, created exclusively for household needs.

Powerful chainsaws are equipped with a two-stroke engine, as well as a cylinder with a purge and four-channel technology. This allows to reduce the volume of gas emissions and significantly save fuel.

Sleek chainsaws work much smootherdue to a special anti-vibration system, which includes, located between the engine block and handles, spring suspensions. These buffer zones extinguish the vibrations of the motor and saw chain. The engine body is made of special magnesium alloy, and the muffler is made of high quality stainless steel. These characteristics are an indicator of high wear resistance and relative ease of the tool.

Chainsaws of this brand are equipped with a systemM-Tonic, which allows you to remember the settings that were made when the tool was last used. Due to this, the engine is able to develop the maximum power immediately after switching on, without additional parameter adjustments. This saves time and speeds up work. The decompression valve facilitates the start-up process, and the air filter removes the largest particles of dirt.

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