Homeowners who have a pool invariably face such a problem, such as dyeing the water in a green tint. The emergence of trouble is only a matter of time.

If the water in the pool is green, what should I do? There is a whole mass of solutions that allow disinfecting the container. Despite this, to cope with this phenomenon in some cases is not so simple.

Causes of the problem

the water in the pool turned green
Why did the water turn green in the pool? What to do? The pool serves as an ideal medium for the propagation of microscopic algae. Several factors contribute to this:

  1. Presence of organic matter in the container. The latter can get into the pool together with the fallen leaves, garbage, which brings the wind. Organic is an excellent source of life for microscopic organisms.
  2. Raise the water temperature. Its heating in the sun creates an ideal environment for the multiplication of bacteria and algae.
  3. The abundance of light - microorganisms are not capable ofdevelop without his admission. When the water in the pool turned green, what should I do? For this purpose it is necessary to use special covers and awnings for insulation of the reservoir.

Water quality control

the water in the frame pool turned green
To determine the extent of the problem, enoughUse a special set of tools to test the chlorine level in the pool. When this indicator reaches below one millionth dose, this leads to active propagation of green algae and flowering of the container.

If the water in the frame pool is green, thatdo? It is important to avoid the occurrence of trouble from the beginning. To do this, it is necessary to properly maintain the pool, in particular to use filters, periodically check the liquid for chlorine and pH. Green water can easily appear, even if the pool was not served for only a few days.

When the capacity is processedchemicals from algae, it is important to balance the pH level to a value of 7.8 by adding a base or acid. First you need to turn on the pump, which will allow the chemicals to circulate throughout the pool area. Then, the pH should be corrected by lowering it with sodium bisulfate or by raising sodium carbonate.

Cleaning the filter

The water in the pool turned green, what should I do? Quite often the phenomenon arises due to insufficient maintenance of the filter. In the purification system, leaves, rubbish, and wood particles are often clogged. Therefore, before adjusting the pH level in the tank and adding chemicals to the water, you need to make sure that the filter is free of dirt and functions properly. If there are the first signs of green algae reproduction, to clean the liquid, it is necessary to leave the purification system to work for a day.

Water treatment by a shocker

greenish water in the pool what to do
Shocker is a specializedA chemical that destroys microorganisms in a container. If the water in the pool is green, what should I do? When the problem has reached a serious scale, it is worth paying attention to a powerful shocker, which contains at least 70% of the active chlorine. To use the correct amount of a substance per specific volume of water, it is enough to follow the instructions on the package.

Perhaps the water will have to be treated by a shockerrepeatedly. At the beginning the liquid can be cloudy. But after a while the filter will remove all the remains of microscopic bacteria and the water in the pool will become transparent.

Preliminary cleaning of the bottom and walls of the pool

Greenish water in the pool, what to do, howfight? Perhaps it is worth completely emptying the container to clean it before applying chemicals. Green algae cling to surfaces. Wiping the walls and the bottom of the pool with a sponge and cleaning substances will remove the accumulation of microorganisms. Work carefully, so as not to damage the surface.

Cleaning the pool without the use of chemicals

green in the pool what to do how to fight
Currently, there are all kinds ofozonizers, ultraviolet lamps, ionizers, which make it possible to abandon chemical methods of water disinfection. However, such funds are quite expensive. Therefore, owners of cheap pools are easier to use filters and change the water every few days.

Helpful Tips

There are a number of recommendations that will avoid problems in the maintenance of the pool:

  1. First of all, do not add chemical compounds to the water, if their origin is not known. Using incorrect components will create additional trouble.
  2. It is not recommended to mix chemicals to clean the pool. Funds from individual producers can join each other in aggressive reactions.
  3. Especially the vigilant need to remain when treating the pool with chlorine. This substance can cause irritation in contact with skin, contact with mucous membranes.
  4. To clean the pool, you can use widely available folk remedies. Alternative to algaecides is able to serve as copper vitriol. Against the growth of bacteria, antibiotics will work.


why did the water in the pool turn green? what to do
So we found out if the water in the poolGreen, what to do. The main thing is to regularly serve the capacity, preventing the occurrence of a problem. After waiting, when the walls of the pool are covered with mucus, eliminating the trouble will be much more difficult.

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