Beautiful elegant vines adorning anygarden interior, is clematis. They not so long ago entered the entourage of Russian dachas of temperate latitudes. This magnificent plant, representing the family of the Lyutik, is naturally found in the subtropical climatic zones of the Northern Hemisphere. More than 300 species of clematis are strikingly different from each other, but all are herbaceous or woody perennials.

clematis cardinal ruz
In garden floriculture is often usedclematis-lianas - decorative long-flowering crops that can replace a whole garden. Efforts of breeders to culture are introducing all new varieties and hybrids. But many gardeners who once fell in love with a certain variety, remain true to him. They are grateful for the fireworks of colors, creating a festive mood and decorating life.

About one such popular and popularplants we will talk in this publication. This is the world-famous Clematis "Cardinal Rouge". A photo of an exotic plant is presented in the article. They will demonstrate the beauty and sophistication of the king of the plant world.

Clematis "Cardinal Rouge": description

This is a hybrid from the Jacquemann group. According to the international classification - group C (a kind of plants that form flowers on the shoots of the current year). It was bred in 1968 by French breeders.

clematis cardinal ruzh reviews

Clematis "Cardinal Rouge" has repeatedly received awardsand the first prizes of various prestigious international exhibitions. The hybrid is really interesting. It is a shrub vine, shoots of which reach a length of three meters. Use the plant in a vertical gardening. According to the reviews cultivating this hybrid in the gardens of its own gardeners, clematis "cardinal ruzh" develop well in closed, non-stationary containers, decorating terraces and loggias. Moderately quickly twisting the pedestal, Clematis beautifully and generously blooms. He is able to climb the trunks of small trees and stems of shrubs.

Features of flowering

The flowers of this decorative vine are remarkable: large, cruciform, opened buds of deep purple color, like the red mantle of a medieval cardinal. They reach 15 cm in diameter and have a dense velvety structure. In the center of the flower there are light stamens.

clematis cardinal ruz photo

Clematis "cardinal ruzh" differprolonged flowering. It begins, as in many middle-aged varieties, in July and ends in September. Each flower of the plant lives and preserves enviable decorativeness for 2-3 weeks.

Planting and growing

Clematis "cardinal ruzh" do not like the sun,preferring a light penumbra with a sliding passage of the sun. The selected site must meet one more mandatory criterion - protection from the wind, which is the enemy of all clematis. It is also good to think about the device of support that is necessary for the plant. The height of such a structure should not be less than 1.5 m. Plant the plant in a pre-prepared landing pit 0.5 * 0.5 m in size. The intervals between them should not exceed 0.7 m, since the shrubby liana is sufficiently spreader.

The soil is dug onto the spade bayonet,each square meter of a humus bucket and 50 gr. superphosphate. Planting pits fill a third of the soil, they have seedlings in them, they fill up the soil and compact the surface of the soil around the plant. After planting it is necessary to water abundantly clematis "cardinal ruzh". Reviews of gardeners about the survival of seedlings are somewhat different, but experts agree that qualitative care raises the rooting percentage to 80.

How to care for the culture?

Good resistance to traditional diseasesdiffers clematis "cardinal ruzh". Comments of flower growers with long experience of cultivation of this culture are confirmed not only by opposition to diseases, but also by very good winter hardiness.

clematis cardinal ruz description

However, cover the plant for the period of cold weatheris necessary. Previously, the shrub is cut, leaving shoots 0.2-0.25 m high above the soil surface. On each of them there should be 2-3 pairs of growth buds. This pruning stimulates branching and allows the plant to open all potential in summer flowering. Clematis "Cardinal Rouge", whose photo is presented in the publication, is incredibly beautiful. But the plant that decorates its own garden is more fantastic and decorative than any, even the best picture.

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