At the heart of any upholstered furniture, whether it's a sofa ormattress, is a spring box. It provides elasticity and softness of the structure. On the type of design that stands, the performance of the headset or bed depends.

In modern production, there is a mattress on the spring block, and with fillers. So the choice is for consumers.

At the heart of many modern mattresses is a spring box that can in some cases provide orthopedic support of the body. Present production represents two variants:

- spring block "Bonnel";

- spring unit independent.

Springs "Bonnel"

From the category of economical blocks. In the standard, it has 4 coil springs of biconical shape. They are installed in one row, and for the connection, spirals are used in the upper and lower parts.

spring box bonnel

Such spring blocks for upholstered furniture havethe name of blocks of continuous weaving. Immediately it is worth noting the moment that in this model there is no orthopedic effect. This is due to the fact that all the springs are connected in a single whole, that is, when one element is deformed, all nearby springs are bent.

If domestic production is engagedfirm, the cost of such a product will vary between 1000 and 10,000 rubles. People who have any problems with posture, joints and spine as a whole, this option is categorically contraindicated. Such a spring box will not get better, even if an expensive filler is used in combination with it.

Independent springs

This variant of mattresses is much better, becausealthough the production of spring units of this category is similar to the way the Bonnel spring unit is produced, yet the diameter of their elements is much smaller. In this version, the maximum circumference reaches only 20 mm, with no more than 8 turns. Thus, one square meter of such a unit has from 250 to 1200 springs. The shape of the elements resembles barrels.

independent spring unit

Orthopedic effect is achieved by placingeach spiral in a separate cover, which ensures their independence from each other. Accordingly, when there is an impact on a separate spring, the neighboring ones are not affected, which allows more even distribution of the load on the entire surface.

Pocket Spring in mattresses

Spring-block Pocket Spring - this systemindependent springs. This design is used in all modern mattresses, which allows you to choose beds that do not have a base under the mattress. Only special fasteners are needed in the corners, which will fix the product. There is also a frame, which provides rigidity and elasticity when providing loads.

spring box spring
Such mattresses can also be used as a separate couch by equipping them with special furniture legs. The outer lining material is jacquard fabric.

The idea of ​​a spring block

An element such as a spring was invented long ago,but to unite them in a single system came up with the Italian military. A similar design was used in Italy, when sappers deactivated mines in the fields. After all, the spring-independent unit allows evenly distributing the load of the human body over the whole surface, rather than on one particular site.

spring mattress

But not everyone agrees with this legend, although this is documentary evidence of those times.

Design features of springs

Depending on the size of the springs, there are several categories of mattresses:

1. If the spring has a diameter of 50-60 mm, then the spring butene block is called TFK, S-500 or EVS500. In this embodiment, each element has its own cover. The average density is 220-300 springs per square meter. meter. Domestic products are cheaper than imported analogues in 2-3 times, since the delivery of the latter is quite laborious. And all because of the fact that this product can not be rolled up.

2. Springs of 20-40 mm are called S-1000 and S-2000. The small size allows to increase the number of springs by one square meter, so it reaches 500-1000 pieces. This design is called anatomical, because it is able to more clearly repeat the silhouette. In addition, such springs can evenly distribute the load to all areas of the surface. In comparison with the previous version, rigidity will be higher, which allows to expand the weight category of people.

Double springs

There are universal mattresses that combinesprings of small and large diameter. They are called "spring in a spring". In this variant, a narrower element is placed inside a wider one. The rigidity of the latter is somewhat less than that of the former.

zone spring block

If there is an average load on such a box,only large springs are deformed. As soon as the weight increases, small children will join the work. This option is great for those who have a difference in their weight with the husband of more than 40 kilograms.

Performance characteristics of springs

Since mattresses today are often made to order, manufacturers offer customers to consider the following additional options:

1. Gain. In this case, the spring unit is designed forthose who are overweight. The design can be reinforced by double wire or by making a checkerboard with springs. In the second case, they will fit more closely to each other. In mattresses "Bonnel" reinforcement occurs due to insertions from the PPU inside the spirals.

2. Zone spring block. In this design are present separatelyIsolated zones that have individual rigidity. They are arranged in accordance with human anatomy. Since each part of the body has its own weight, when a person lies on a surface, there is an unequal load on each site. Therefore, to maintain the body in the correct form, you need different rigidity.

Zones can be 3, 5 or 7, depending on the model of the mattress. But this option is not available for all manufacturers.

3. Half blocks. One of the longitudinal halves has more rigid springs, and the second - the softer. This option is convenient for those couples in which one likes to sleep on a solid, and another - on a soft.

Fillers for mattresses

In most cases, the spirals inside have a softupholstery. This is done to ensure that the product is not severely deformed when the person is sitting on the edge. Inside the mattress, a box is created where there is an upper and a lower soft layer.

Depending on what material is usedfor such purposes, the stiffness property will be determined. For example, in more rigid constructions coconut is used, and for soft ones, latex or polyurethane foam is taken as a basis. Some manufacturers use a combination of these materials, which is extremely convenient, since the product is of medium rigidity.

A bit about the sofas

For sofa designs the samesystem, as for mattresses. The only thing that is paid more attention in this case is the filler, since the sofa is more often intended for sitting, not for lying. But this does not mean that it should be less comfortable.

The best option is when the furniturehas both a filler and springs. Today, the best duet is polyurethane foam and a spring unit for the sofa. The price of these products is somewhat high, but this is because such furniture has an orthopedic effect. The structure of the PPU has good recovery ability, without any restrictions on the mass. Also, such a filler is well suited to those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Another quite popular and high-qualityfiller - latex. Since this is generally a first-class material, the price for such products will be even higher. If you buy a quality product, you can not be afraid that during intensive exploitation light will come out of the springs. If the technology was observed in the production process, there are many layers of different materials between the spirals and the upper skin that hold the springs in their places.

But still in the sofas there are more spring blocks with dependent spirals.

Types of blocks

Spring blocks can be of the following types:

1. Frameless. This type consists of two-cone springs andspirals that connect them. This version is applicable in those headsets, where there is only one or two soft sides, which are formed due to the unity of the deck of a stable board.

spring blocks for upholstered furniture

2. One-sided. In this version, the springs have a metalframe, which encircles the entire working plane. It fulfills the role of a frame, behind the edges of which materials of soft flooring are fastened. If the block is assembled manually, this element still helps to achieve the desired form stability (block and soft element). This option is applicable to single-sided soft elements.

3. Two-sided. This configuration of blocks differs by the number of frames, that is, there are two of them. Accordingly, and the scope of their use is where the furniture has two soft sides.

Regardless of the type of unit, they are based onsprings made of wire are used, for which, in turn, carbon steel is taken. With the right technology, every element lends itself to leave. This is done to ensure that the metal is stabilized in its size and hardened, otherwise during the operation of the product on the surface will appear mounds due to the fact that the spring block is strongly deformed.

Production technology

Spring blocks for upholstered furniture or mattressescan be collected by automated techniques or manually. At once it is worth noting that in the first case the production has a higher quality than in the second.

Manufacture of spring manual assemblies has the following steps:

1. In order to make double-cone springs, first correct the base wire, then it is wound onto special shapes to get the spirals themselves. After that, twist the knots on the main turns, and only then the elements give heat treatment.

2. The next stage is the creation of fastening spirals, for which the wire is again corrected, and then the winding is performed.

3. In order to make a frame, rule the flattened tape or wire. After that, she is given the necessary form and connects all the ends together.

4. After the connecting spiral, the coil springs are fixed to create a frame-free unit.

5. Also are made connecting braces. This is called stamping.

6. Then everything is joined in one design, that is, the frame and springs are united by means of staples.

spring block

Of course, every step goes through careful monitoring. But here at manual assemblage all the same there is a human factor which sometimes negatively influences quality of a design of the block.

As for the automated production, the units are equipped with the G-65 / SW series. Such machines carry out all work independently according to predetermined parameters.

It is also not the last role played by herselfcompany manufacturer. After all, a well-known brand will always keep its brand to the maximum, trying to create products of the highest quality. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to well-known manufacturers who have already successfully proven themselves in the market.

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