The tradition of decorating a house with clay potsflowers originated in time immemorial. However, such dishes in a few years, as a rule, began to lose its appearance, and so it was invented kashpo. And although today in stores there is no shortage of objects with which you can decorate the interior, the products made by yourself, including "covers" from various materials for flower pots, are very popular.

What is pots

Any capacity in which to pour earth andplant indoor plants, should have a drainage hole. But the classic pots - this is a decorative vessel for a flower pot, which has no such device for removing excess moisture. There are a variety of dishes designed for this purpose: from chic vases from expensive porcelain to homemade wooden boxes or plastic containers with a futuristic design.

pots this

High flowerpots for flowers

Recently there has been a tendency to exhibitat the door or in the lobby of a private house, restaurant, hotel trees in large tubs or high pots. In such cases, you will also need beautiful high flowerpots in the style of interior design of the room in which they are supposed to be placed. Especially popular are the rattan versions - the material representing the dried stems of rattan, which in Southeast Asia is widely used for making furniture. And a very good choice is a high flowerpot for clay flowers, designed for outdoor installation. As already mentioned, such items can be made on their own, and there are many ways to make such articles. For example, a spacious chest with a hinged lid can be adapted for placing several flower pots at once, turning it into a very original pot for a garden or a terrace. Suitable is also a large garden watering can, which in the upper part simply needs to cut out a larger hole.

Kashpo (photo): suspended and for window-sills

Flowers in pots are used for decorationvarious rooms. Depending on the place where the indoor plant is to be placed, a suspension or table pot can be chosen. For example, a very original look will look like an option resembling a jack, which is presented in the photo.

flowerpot pendant

With regard to desktop or floor "cases"for flower pots, then such a plant pot is more often an elegant clay pot. In addition, with a little imagination, you can make such elements of interior decor and garden plot yourself. For example, the bright rubber boots that have become fashionable in recent years, from which your kids and the children of your loved ones have grown, can be placed on the shelves and inserted into them pots. Another original version of the pots for the window sill can be made from boughs. To do this, simply cut the branches with a diameter of about 1.5-2 cm into lengths slightly longer than the height of the pot, surround them with a pot around the perimeter and bind them in two places with string or string.

pots, tabletop
And you can make it quite simple, butThe original flower pot with the help of a long rope of bright color. To do this, the surface of the pot should be greased with some kind of glue (for example, "Moment"). Then, beginning from the upper edge, you need to wind the rope so that the coils lie very tightly and hide under them the dishes in which the plant is planted.

Wicker pots

Among traditional types of needlework a special placeoccupy all kinds of weaving techniques. They can be used for making pots. For example, very original look models in the style of country, crocheted from colorful multi-colored yarn. However, the most beautiful flower pots for flowers are variants made in the technique of macrame. Probably, many people want to quickly become the authors of delicate masterpieces. However, you first need to learn how to weave the pots of the simplest design.

Simple rope pots

If you are only just making the first steps inmastering the technique of macrame, then try to weave a simple pendant cover for a flower pot from ropes. Such pots are a kind of suspension, for the manufacture of which only the simplest knots are used. To work you will need a metal ring with a diameter of 12-15 cm and 42 m thick rope.

high flowerpots for flowers


  • Cut 3 pieces of rope 4 and 10 meters long.
  • All segments are folded in half and fixed on the ring as shown in the figure.
    how to weave a pot
  • In this case, 2 ends of long ropes (10-meter) and 2 ends of short ones should alternate. Thus, as a result we have 12 "tails" hanging from the ring.
  • Using 2 extreme ropes weave 4-5 flat knots. Use the ends of the rest as medium strands.
    flowerpots for flowers is
  • Separate all the ropes into 3 groups so that each one has 2 short and 2 long ones.
  • In each of the 3 groups weave the flat ends with flat ends (as in the figure), 12 in each.
  • Take 2 right ropes from one group and 2 left- from the next, which is located near the right. Make one of them a flat knot at a distance of 15 cm from the last woven. This operation is repeated 3 times.
  • They retreat from these 3 knots for a distance of 15 cm. Collect all the ropes together. They tie one big knot.
  • Leave 30 cm to form a brush, and the remaining ends of the ropes are cut off.

In conclusion

Interior design or garden - it's extraordinaryfascinating. In addition, creating different crafts is a good way to take your children. Therefore, boldly get down to business and prove that the most beautiful pot is made with your own hands.

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