Garden var is a fusible insoluble inwater is a resinous soft substance that is used to treat and close artificial or natural wounds of fruit trees. Garden gardens are light and black. The latter option is used in the production of footwear. It is a product of deep processing of coal tar and wood tar. This substance is not used in gardening.

garden var

Light garden var, whose composition hassuch substances as petroleum oils, rosin, wax, paraffin and other components, is used in the shoe industry, and also as a garden putty. This substance is a good protection of plants, prevents their drying, soaking and does not allow penetration into the wounds of trees by insects and pathogenic microorganisms. Use of putty is mandatory when performing pruning fruit plants.

There are many recipes on which you canindependently produce garden var. The use of folk methods of preparing a substance depends on the availability of certain ingredients. And many vars do not perform the necessary functions to heal and protect the wounds of plants. However, there is also a destination for garden gardening, such as stimulating the growth of bark and new wood tissues, which the producers of this product simply forgot.

Garden var can be prepared by mixing crude linseed oil (40 g), pure alcohol (75 g), spruce resin (600 g). All must be carefully kneaded and heated in a water bath at a low temperature.

garden var application

On a low heat, spruce resin was heated (750 g)then add linseed oil (1 liter), a wheel ointment (250 g). All ingredients for a long time (1.5 hours) boil over low heat. Then the mixture must be cooled and add a pound of turpentine. The resulting garden var is thoroughly mixed and used for its intended purpose.

On low heat, wax is melted (300 g), propolis(200 g), finely ground rosin (600 g) was added and boiled for about 45 minutes. In the resulting mixture after cooling, pour in turpentine (100 g) and mix well. Before direct use, the garden var must be heated in a water bath or hand-waved.

garden var composition

Melt fresh unsalted fat (200 g), thenadd the same amount of beeswax and ground rosin (800 g). The resulting ingredients are boiled on low heat for about 20 minutes. The cooled composition is carefully kneaded. For prolonged storage, the resulting garden var must be wrapped in oiled or parchment paper.

It is necessary to melt fresh pork lard (50 g) and rosin (800 g). After cooling the mixture, add ethyl alcohol (400 g). The produced var must be stored in a sealed vessel.

Preheat the beeswax (200 g), addrosin (1 kg), crude linseed oil (50 g) and sifted chopped charcoal (100 g). The resulting mixture is refluxed for about a quarter of an hour. The chilled bar is ready for use.

And one more recipe. Take fresh mullein and yellow clay in equal proportions. All carefully mixed and this composition cover up the wounds of trees. Var is best prepared before the application itself, because in the future it will have to be diluted with water, which will reduce the effectiveness.

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