Infrared heaters are devices,which are designed to heat the premises. To date, they are actively installed by people in residential buildings, as well as industrial facilities. First of all, the owners choose them for good performance. They are able to work together with other heating devices.

Heating occurs directly in objects inindoors. As a result, the air does not dry out. However, there are many controversial questions about infrared heaters that scare potential buyers. They are associated with possible problems of human health (drying of the skin, headaches and others). In order to understand all the nuances, you should consider the known types of the above devices and get feedback about the manufacturers.

infrared ceramic heaters

Long-wave heaters

To begin with, consider long-wavelength infraredheaters. Reviews about them are good among people who use them in the industrial sphere. A distinctive feature of the models can be called high power. At the same time, the area of ​​possible heating is quite large. On the market there are many models with a ceiling, as well as a wall mount. As an element of heating, they have an anodized panel.

The power source is a network with voltage220 V. In this case, the limiting frequency should be maintained at a level of 45 Hz. Of the advantages should be noted quite a quick heating of the room. It is not recommended to stay under the device for a long time. In dimensions, these infrared heaters are very large due to the panels. Thus, there are certain difficulties with the installation of these devices. For the price they are quite different. On the market long-wave models from 10 thousand rbl.

infrared carbon heaters reviews

What do they say about carbon heaters?

Infrared carbon heaters reviews ingenerally have positive. This type is most often purchased for household needs. The use of carbon in the production of a model of benefits for the consumer does not. In the end, we can say that this is just a design solution for customers. In terms of power, they are not manufactured very efficiently and are designed for heating small rooms. As an element of heating, they have an anodized panel. As a rule, the carbon heater can be found on the market with racks. However, it is possible to choose a model with wall fasteners.

Average power of carbon heaterfluctuates around 800 W with a limiting frequency of 48 Hz. The heating area for them is 20 square meters. m. They consume the electric power of the model in a moderate amount and are not very expensive. They are considered quite expensive. Conventional models will cost the buyer much cheaper. If we consider devices with a power of 800 W, the cost of starting from 5500 rubles.

Ceramic models on the market

Another type - infrared ceramicheaters. Feedback from experts about them is very diverse. Some of this type is visually considered very attractive. However, ceramics itself is a rather fragile material. Given this, it should be very careful with it. As experts say, it is best to install such heaters on a wall or ceiling. In this case, the stands are more dangerous and can lead to a breakdown of the device due to its fall. By the power of the model you can choose the most diverse.

As a power source, a network withvoltage 220 V. The parameter of current strength should be at the level of 4 A. By consumption of electricity devices of the above type do not differ from conventional models. Concerning the cost of infrared ceramic heaters, reviews are good, because they are cheaper than carbon analogs. On average, the prices for them start from 3400 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas heaters

Gas infrared heaters for home reviewshave both positive and negative. The main advantage of this type is considered to be a large heating area. A gas burner is used as the heating element. Its thermal power fluctuates around 1500 W on the average. Thus, it is excellent for household as well as industrial needs. Propane or butane is used as fuel.

The limiting pressure on the system is 2 kPa. Of the shortcomings, the reviews note the high cost of fuel. At the same time, the gas consumption is quite significant, and on average about one hour of operation of the heater is consumed up to 300 g. The protection system is equipped with these devices. Thus, they are not afraid of overturning. Non-flame sensors are installed in some models. Direct ignition is carried out by means of piezes. To install a gas cylinder, manufacturers are supplied with various boxes. In terms of dimensions, these devices are quite large. Weigh an average of 6 kg. In addition to the gas cylinder, the manufacturer includes a hose as well as a reducer. At prices, gas models are expensive. On the market, a heater with a power of 1500 watts can be selected for 5400 rubles.

Infrared heaters "Bilux"

Reviews often mark a high degreesafety models of this company. On average, the power figure fluctuates around 1300 W with a limiting frequency of 45 Hz. The device is powered by a network with a voltage of 220 V. The function of sequential start in the heaters is available. Due to it, the room can be heated evenly. In total, there are three operating modes to choose from. Thus, the maximum power of the device will change. The average model of this company will cost around 3,800 rubles.

long-wave infrared heaters reviews

Uden-S heaters opinions

Popular and infrared wallheaters Uden-S. Reviews about them are positive, and many models for the home fit perfectly. Their limiting power is not very high. However, they are able to boast of low power consumption. On average, the heating area is 12 square meters. m. The manufacturer installs the floor installation. Additionally, all heaters are equipped with thermostats. Thus, it is possible to monitor the temperature and adjust it. The overheating protection system is also available. Of the disadvantages should be noted weak water resistance. The moisture of the model of this company is afraid, therefore, when using devices, you should be careful. It is strictly prohibited to install them in the open air. The average model of this company is 4500 rubles.

infrared ceramic heaters reviews

Comments about models "Ufo"

We have already considered many infraredheaters, experts' reviews about which are exceptionally positive. This company is also considered very popular and in great demand. First of all, its goods are of high quality. At the same time, heating elements break down quite rarely. The average power of the models is at 1200 W with a limiting frequency of 50 Hz. Thus, the estimated heating area is 13 square kilometers. m. They are very good with water resistance. The protection system is the IP34 series.

Also these infrared heaters reviewsspecialists get good for the fact that many models of the company are additionally equipped with consoles. As a result, the user can control the power of the device remotely. Stands are available for installation of a wide variety. Mounting heaters on the wall is also possible. For this, you can find all the necessary details in the kit. Of the disadvantages, it should be noted high prices compared to other manufacturers. The model "Ufo" will cost about $ 4,700.

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Devices of the company "Ranvin"

Data Infrared Heaters Reviewsspecialists get quite often. Most of them are positive and speak of the universality of many models. You can install devices in different rooms. The increased humidity does not frighten them. On average, the power figure is 1100 W, and the limiting frequency is only 45 Hz.

The electricity consumption is acceptable. Most models do not have a remote. The manufacturer's safety class is provided by the IP34 series. For attaching the device in the kit everything is available. Most of all, demand is wall modifications. Are on average heaters of the above firm in the area of ​​4300 rubles.

gas infrared heaters for home reviews

Models of the trade mark "Balu"

The specified company is the most specializedon the production of ceramic gas devices. Their average power is 140 watts. This is enough to evenly heat the room area of ​​more than 30 square meters. m. Gas burner in all models is available. These devices operate on propane, as well as butane.

Specific fuel consumption is 350 g per hour. The maximum gas pressure maintained by the system is 3 kPa. In general, the hulls are quite strong and do not fear overturning. Of the disadvantages should be noted weak fixatives for cylinders. In some cases, they may break, and then you have to contact the service center. The average heater model costs 5300 rubles per buyer.

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What do they think about the heaters of Neoclim?

The above company mainly deals withproduction of semi-industrial models. The average power of devices fluctuates around 1200 W, and the limiting frequency is equal to 55 Hz. For the house they fit well. By design, the consumer has the opportunity to choose the appropriate option. On average, the heating area is 13 square meters. m. The power source is a network with a voltage of 220 V. Economical mode in many models, the manufacturer provides.

It also provides an opportunity to take advantage ofturbo function infrared heaters. The experts' comments indicate that they can be heated in minutes. Cases are manufactured exclusively from sheet steel. Protection system series IP34. The walls of the buildings are protected by a special gasket for thermal insulation. The average model of the above company is 3,400 rubles.

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