Vortex heat generators are devices withBy means of which it is possible to quite simply heat the living quarters. This is achieved only through the use of an electric motor, as well as a pump. In general, this device can be called economical, and it does not entail great expenses for itself. The standard connection scheme for the vortex heat generator involves the use of a circulation pump. In the upper part there should be a non-return valve. Due to this, the expansion tank is capable of withstanding a high pressure.

Heating appliances canused a variety. The most commonly used radiators, as well as convectors. Also an integral part of the system of any model is considered to be a control unit with a thermal sensor and a mud maker. To assemble the vortex heat generator by one's own hands, it is necessary to familiarize in more detail with the most famous modifications of it.

vortex heat generator potapova own hands

Model with radial chamber

Manufacture with a radial vortex chamberThe heat generator with own hands (the drawings and diagrams are shown below) is quite difficult. In this case, the rotor must be selected for a powerful and maximum pressure, it must withstand at least 3 bar. Also it is necessary to make the case for the device. The thickness of the metal must be at least 2.5 mm. In this case, the output in diameter should be equal to 5.5 cm. All this will successfully weld the device to the branch pipe.

The outlet valve is not located in the instrumentfar from the edge of the flange. Also, you should choose a snail for the model. As a rule, in this case it is used in steel type. In order for it to wear off, its ends must be grinded in advance. Seal in this situation can be used rubber. At least its thickness should be 2.2 mm. The diameter of the outlet, in turn, is welcomed at 4.5 cm. It is necessary to pay attention to the diffuser separately. With this device, warm air enters the chamber. The radial modification differs in that it has a plurality of tubules. You can cut them yourself with the help of a machine.

vortex heat generators with their own hands

Vortex-type heat generators with a C-shaped chamber

It is made with a C-shaped vortex chamberheat generator with their own hands for the home with a welding machine. In this case, it is necessary first of all to assemble the body under the snail. The lid must be detached separately. For this, some experts advise to cut the thread. The diffuser is used with a small diameter. The sealant is used only at the outlet. There are two valves in the system. Secure the snail on the body with a bolt. However, it is important to fix the protective ring on it. The outlet from the rotor should be located at a distance of about 3.5 cm.

vortex heat generator own drawings and schemes

Heat generators of the vortex type Potapova

There is a swirl heat generator Potapovawith their own hands using a rotor on two discs. At least its diameter should be 3.5 cm. In this case, stators are most often installed cast iron type. The housing for the device can be selected steel, but the thickness of the metal in this case, the minimum should be about 2.2 mm. The casing for the vortex heat generator is selected by a thickness of approximately 3 mm. All this is necessary to ensure that the snail above the rotor is fairly tight. In this clamping ring, it is also important to use a tight ring.

A casing is installed on the output, however itsthe thickness should be approximately 2.2 mm. In order to fix the ring, it is necessary to use a bushing. The junction in this case must be above the cochlea. Diffusers for this device are used the simplest. There are only two valves in this mechanism. One of them must be located above the rotor. The minimum clearance for the camera should be 2 mm. The lid is often removed by threading. The electric motor for the device is scratched with a power of at least 3 kW. Due to this, the limiting pressure in the system can increase to 5 bar.

Building a model into two outputs

Make a vortex cavitation heat generatorown hands can with an electric motor with a power of about 5 kW. The body for the device must be cast-iron type. In this case, the minimum diameter of the output should be 4.5 cm. The rotors for this model fit only two discs. In this stator, it is important to use manual modification. It is installed in a vortex heat generator above the cochlea.

Directly the diffuser is more expedientuse small. You can grind it if you want with a pipe. Laying under the cochlea is better to use a thickness of about 2 mm. However, in this situation, much depends on the stuffing box. Install them right at the center of the hub. In order for the air to run quickly, it is important to make an additional rack. In this case, the cover for the device is selected on the thread.

vortex heat generator with own hands for home

Vortex-type heat generators for three outputs

Three vortex generator sets are assembledwith their own hands (the drawings are shown below) in the same way as the previous modification. However, the difference lies in the fact that the rotor for the device must be selected on a single disk. In this case the valves in the mechanism are most often used three. Seals for packing are used only as a last resort.

Some experts also recommend usingplastic seals for snails. They are ideal for waterproofing. Also, a protective ring should be installed under the cover. All this is necessary in order to reduce the wear of the fitting. Electric motors for vortex heat generators are mainly selected with a power of about 4 kW. The coupling must be provided quite elastic. Finally, it should be noted that a flange is installed at the base of the cochlea.

vortex heat generator

Model with collector

Collect a vortex heat generator with a collectorwith their own hands is necessary with the preparation of the hull. In this case, there should be two outputs. In addition, carefully clean the inlet. The lid in this situation is important to select separately with the thread. Electric motors with a collector are generally set to an average power. In this situation, the power consumption will be insignificant.

The snail is selected from the steel type andis installed immediately on the gasket. In order to fit it under the outlet, it is best to use the file. In this case, it is necessary to have a welding inverter for the construction of the housing. The collector, as well as the snail, should stand on the gasket. The bushing is fixed in the model with a clamping ring.

Vortex-type heat generators with tangential channels

To collect with tangential channelsvortex heat generators with their own hands, you must first choose a good sealant. Thanks to this device for the longest time will keep the temperature. The engine is most often mounted with a power of about 3 kW. All this gives good performance, if properly installed snail and diffuser.

The oil seal is adjusted in this case to therotor. In order to fix it, many experts recommend using double-sided washers. In this case, the clamping rings are also installed. If the bushing for the fitting does not fit, then it can be grinded. Make a camera with channels there is a possibility of a cutter.

vortex heat generators

Application of unidirectional spins

Are assembled with unidirectional spinsvortex heat generators with their own hands is quite simple. In this case, the work should be started as usual starting with the preparation of the device case. Much in this situation depends on the dimensions of the electric motor. Collectors, in turn, are rarely used.

A unidirectional twist is set onlyafter the flange is fixed. In turn, the casing is used only at the inlet. All this is necessary in order to reduce the wear of the bushing. In general, unidirectional twists allow not to use fittings. In this case, the assembly of the vortex heat generator will cost inexpensively.

Use of ring bushings

Assemble with swirl bushingsThe heat generator can only be obtained with the help of a welding inverter. In this case, it is necessary to prepare the outlet in advance. The flange in the device should only be installed on the clamping ring. It is also important to choose a quality oil for the device. All this is necessary in order to wear the ring was not significant. The hub in this case is installed directly under the snail. In this case, the cover is used for it quite rarely. In this situation, you need to calculate the distance to the rack in advance. She should not touch the coupling.

vortex cavitational heat generator

Modification with drive mechanism

In order to do with the drive mechanismvortex heat generator with their own hands, first of all it is necessary to choose a good electric motor. Its power must be at least 4 kW. All this will give a good heat output. Cases for the device are most often used cast iron. In this case, the outlet holes must be grinded separately. For this you can use the file. The rotor for the electric motor is more expedient to select a manual type. The coupling must be secured on the protective washer. Many experts advise to install a snail only after the diffuser.

Thus, it will be possible to putseal on the top cover. The direct drive mechanism must be located above the motor. However, to date, there are modifications with lateral installation. Racks in this case must be welded from both ends. All this will significantly increase the strength of the device. Last but not least, it is important to install the rotor. At this stage, special attention should be paid to fixing the casing.

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