Each of us wants to feelsecurity, and especially at home. Modern gadgets allow you to create a reliable system using a doorphone. One of its constituent parts is the calling panel.

Many are obsessed only with the choice of video intercom and forget that the calling panels are also different and it is important to choose this element of the system correctly.

call panel

In this article we will describe in detail about the functions, types and characteristics of the gadget and describe how to choose it for your needs and installation location.

Device Description

So, what exactly is a calling panel for a video intercom? This gadget consists of:

  • metal rear cover;
  • boards with electronic components;
  • a microphone;
  • plugs;
  • metal housing;
  • protective glass for the camcorder;
  • protective filter for IR illumination;
  • dynamics;
  • color overlay on the case;
  • protective metal visor;
  • installation angle;
  • the mounting plate;
  • metal call button.

Apparently, this small device has quite a lot of components. This is not surprising, because the calling panel performs a number of functions.

door panel for video intercom

The main ones are remote contact with the guest through instant transmission of audio and video information, as well as the ability to control the lock with a special key.

Scheme and connection of the device

Despite the large number of components, the circuit of the calling panel has a rather uncomplicated appearance.

door panel for doorphone

Immediately it is worth noting that elements such as the power adapter of the lock and the lock itself are depicted for clarity and do not refer to the components of the calling panel.

As you can see, the connection of the calling panel is carried out thanks to 4 wires, which are marked with different colors and responsible for sound, video, power.

What wires are needed?

Connect to the monitor from theusing a four-core cable. Often use SSS. Problems with the connection should not be caused if the distance between them is up to 50 meters. If more, use a coaxial cable.

The external panel for the video intercom is connected tolock two-wire cable type SHVVP, the main thing is that the cross-section was not less than 0.75 mm square. In this case, the power supply will be stable and without interruption, unless, of course, there is a voltage drop or shutdown in the network.

Mounting Tips

The external panel for a video intercom, like any other equipment, may not yield the expected benefits and not reveal its potential if it is improperly installed.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the following advice of professionals:

  1. It is not recommended to install on doors or other moving structures.
  2. The level of the device on the wall should be approximately 160 cm from the floor.
  3. Connect to other equipment only with solid wires, without unnecessary twists.

The expediency of the first council isthat any mechanical impact from a moving door or other elements can adversely affect the operation of the device. Although the casings of the calling panels are mainly made of high-strength metals, constant vibration can lead to failure of the fragile electronic equipment.

connection of a panel

Neglect of the second council can reducethe device's performance is quite serious. The door panel for the doorphone should be positioned so that the fullest possible viewing angle of the camera can be used.

Safety depends on this

No one at the entrance should havePossibility to hide under, on the sides or on top of the view of the camera. Practice shows that for most devices, the optimum installation height is 160 cm.

The third advice concerns the integrity of the wires. Of course, for beginners it is rather difficult to connect all equipment from the first time, and this leads to the fact that you have to cut off again, clean and twist the wires. In this case, each such connection affects the quality of the transmitted signal because of the potential for interference and loss.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary tohow to finally fix the system, once again measure everything and make sure that the work is done correctly: the length of the wires is enough, and there is no excess stock that needs to be cut off. And for joints, it's better to use not just the twisting of wires, but soldering with subsequent insulation by the tape.

Choose the right device

In this section, we'll look at what to look for when choosing and buying a device.

First, the calling panel can beIt is designed for indoor installation (ie indoor) and outdoor. This determines the strength and durability of the device. External panels have increased dust resistance, water resistance, and often are made in a more robust construction, which protects internal elements from vandalism and breaking.

Naturally, this affects the price of the device. Be careful: if you decide to save money and buy a calling panel for indoor installation, and at the same time install it from the outside, it will quickly become unusable. First of all, this will happen because of the harmful effects of the environment, namely the weather conditions.

Secondly, the calling panel for the doorphone can be both with a video camera, and without it. This very moment can greatly affect the cost of the entire device.

Without a camera the panel is quite cheap, and itseveryone can afford. But with the presence of video gadgets are much more expensive, and their cost can vary significantly depending on the characteristics and capabilities of the camera itself: color image, recording quality, focus, viewing angle, IR illumination, etc.

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