Cleanliness and comfort of the house is a pledge of goodmood. On how often cleaned in the house, depends on the health of those living in it, since untrodden areas are a favorable environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria. Mine, scrape, clean, wipe - the housewives are well aware of these household chores. Particular complexity is the washing of glass, polished and mirror surfaces.

how to properly wash a mirror without streaks

How to wash a mirror without divorce, knows far fromevery housewife. And to accomplish this task, sometimes in vain, spend a lot of nerves and efforts. To wash a mirror without divorces to an ideal shine does not work the first time. The result is a spoiled mood, a repetition of boring work and lost time.

How to wash a mirror without streaks

Known very simple and cheap and accessible to all method, which uses water, soft cloth and thin paper (usually a toilet or newspaper). The procedure is as follows:

  • Damped in a rag with water, the dirt is washed off;
  • circular movements with the help of paper, crumpled into a ball, the glass is rubbed dry, only in this way it is possible to ensure the complete disappearance of the divorces.

Disadvantages of this method are labor-consuming (polishing takes a long time and carefully) and the presence of toxic substances in printing ink.

Use of improvised means

Than to wash a mirror without divorces in house conditions - good mistresses know it. There are a lot of folk remedies:

  • water and table vinegar (1: 1 ratio);
  • tooth powder and ammonia;
  • vinegar and tooth powder.

In the first case, the mirror is cleaned as followssame as described above. Water, which is mixed with vinegar, you need to wash the mirror, removing excess dirt, and then scrub it with paper until a characteristic shine.

How to wash a mirror without streaks

The second option is also quite simple. In equal shares, it is necessary to mix dental powder and ammonia before obtaining gruel. With the resulting mixture rub the mirror, lightly pressing the cloth in places with particularly severe dirt and leave in such a state for a while, for example, for 15 minutes or 20 minutes. While the mud is stale, you can rest or drink a cup of tea. Then you need to rinse it all with water at room temperature and make a light polishing of the surface with a napkin. Tooth powder can be replaced with toothpaste or chalked chalk. Use baking soda is not recommended to avoid clouding the glass.

how to quickly wash a zergal without getting divorced

Similarly, cleaning with vinegarand tooth powder or chalk. On a glass of warm water you need to take a spoonful of vinegar (9%) and a spoonful of chalk or tooth powder. The mixture must be insisted, drain excess water. The resulting slurry should be applied to the area of ​​the mirror, in a circular motion, to clean the contaminants and, at the end of this action, rinse with cool water.

There is another folk remedy, which includes milk, salt, blue and ammonia. This mixture is wiped with glass, washed off and polished.

Use of natural components

Than you can wash the mirror without divorceusing natural products? After all, such washing causes minimal damage to the environment. Alternatively, you can use tea green tea leaves. This method produces a double benefit:

  1. Ecological compatibility.
  2. The cheapness and the possibility of using waste that is subject to disposal.

The use of starch or potatoes is anotherthe possibility of using natural components. To prepare the composition, take a tablespoon of starch and a tablespoon of water, the resulting mash is applied to the glass in a manner similar to the previous versions and washed off after 20 minutes.

Starch can be replaced with potatoes.

how to wash the mirror without divorce
To do this, take half the tuber, rub it with a surface, and then rinse with warm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth or a suede cloth.

How to wash a mirror without divorce, if it has marks from flies

It is very difficult to clean off traces of flies orother insects. How to wash the glass and mirrors without divorce, if there are unpleasant neighbors in the dwelling, especially with the onset of summer? With this task easily copes ordinary onions. It is necessary to take half the bulb and, similarly to the variant with the potatoes, vigorously rub into the mirror or window surface.

how to wash glass and mirrors without streaks

Onion juice instantly removes the fly spots and prevents the further appearance of insects.

Ready-made chemicals

Modern women are business people or busy inproduction sphere, so there is not much time left to clean the apartment or house. Imagine what a working hostess is: for such cases, there are always few opportunities in terms of employment. How quickly to wash a mirror without divorce? This is a serious problem for a business woman. Here it is necessary to resort to the help of household chemistry, which in the modern world is a saving straw that facilitates domestic work. You can resort to the banal use of a dishwashing detergent. It must also be applied to the surface and, after some time, quickly washed off. With the help of a good drug, dirt is removed instantly and there are practically no divorces. To be more convenient, the chemical is poured into a spray gun and sprayed. It turns out very quickly.

than you can wash the mirror without getting divorced

There are also special cleaning agentsglass. Well-known purifiers, such as "Second", "Radiance", "Mr. Muscle" and others. Effective removal of dirt without divorce is achieved due to the content of ammonia and isopropyl alcohol. When using, precautions must be observed. To avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of poisoning with chemical vapor, the room where the mirror hangs should be well ventilated. For work can also come and car glass cleaner.

Napkins with antistatic

Manufacturers for convenience have thought up napkins forcleaning mirrors with special impregnation. There are options for cleaning computer monitors, TV equipment and optics. The composition, which impregnated these assistants, helps to save the surface from unnecessary divorce, and also contains an antistatic agent. The presence of the latter reduces the accumulation of dust on the surface and allows less frequent general cleaning in the house.

Interesting use of old things

By the way, such an option as the use ofunnecessary kapron pantyhose, which lost relevance in connection with the appeared arrows, is another effective method of non-waste technologies. They enhance shine and help to quickly and accurately wash the mirror without divorce.

Step-by-step instruction

Summarizing how to properly wash the mirror without divorce, you can make the following step-by-step algorithm. ANDThe use of various means, both improvised and special, is reduced to a single chain of actions that need to be performed consistently:

  • First step - cleaning up contamination by any means thatwere listed. The more aggressive the composition, the faster the cleansing will take place. Sometimes it's worth setting the right priorities. What is more important: speed or security? Natural and improvised means are cleaner in terms of ecology.
  • Second step - flushing of the chemical or the composition madewith his own hands. Using cold water leads to a better result. To facilitate the work to remove the divorce will help a special brush with a rubber shoe to wash the glass. Rubber drives moisture down, the surface is clean and without divorce. The use of such tools several times speeds up the cleaning process.

wash the mirror without bleeding to a perfect shine

  • Third step - polishing. It is needed in order to give the mirror the necessary brilliance. Microfiber wipes will help in this process. But the newspaper or toilet paper will do. A distinctive feature of the paper is that it practically does not leave dust and fiber fibers on the glass. In addition, its availability and cheapness allows you to wash windows and mirrors in the house with minimal material costs. Two or three newspapers - and the mirror shines like new. A good result is also obtained with the use of suede.

The causes of the appearance of divorces in washing

So, the mirror is washed and dried. But on closer examination, it is found that its purity and brilliance are far from ideal: there are cloudy divorces and undercurrents, the appearance leaves much to be desired. Possible causes:

  • On the glass before washing there was dirt or dust. If possible, it should be removed before using water, brushing off with a soft brush or rag, and dripping the droplets of fat with an absorbent napkin.
  • Do not rinse off the remnants of detergent, for example, on the glass remained a detergent, which is difficult to remove. To wash it, you need a lot of water.
  • Water contains foreign impurities, which leave turbid undercuts when dry.

To remove stains, wipe the glass with a damp cloth and dry with toilet paper or an absorbent cloth.

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