When building a wooden house often the customerdoes not pay much attention to each element of the interior. But in order to preserve heat, it is not enough to work on walls, windows and roof. It is important to purchase a heater for the floor, especially if the owner wants to start construction on stilts. This issue is considered topical due to the fact that wooden houses with high humidity begin to rot eventually, which can subsequently lead to unplanned repairs of the whole structure. High-quality insulation for the floor can provide a guaranteed thermal insulation of the premises, as well as cost savings and long life of the main house structures. There are several options for thermal insulation in a wooden building, each of which has its own minuses and pluses. All the necessary insulation work can be carried out independently, but it is better to contact a qualified, competent specialist who will tell you how to not disturb the ventilation of the premises during installation.

Floor insulation
Materials for floor insulation

Materials of execution can be chosenmineral wool, foam plastic, fiberglass and others. Due to their performance qualities, the plates from basalt are very popular among the population. They do not burn and resist moisture. The floor insulation made from foam is not as well known as, for example, glass wool, but both types of coatings have drawbacks in laying and durability. The most reliable among all flooring cloths is expanded clay - it is relatively cheap and has the property of long operation.

Ways of warming

house heaters
Insulation for the floor and its quality is notthe only thing that is important in finishing a wooden house. Before construction it is necessary to choose the option of thermal insulation, which will give the most effective result. There are three ways to install floor structures: wooden logs, brick supports and bags with expanded clay. The most common and fastest among the listed is the third one. Such insulation of the walls of the house is not the only element of decoration, except for them, you need to buy waterproofing materials, concrete screed with steel mesh and floor covering. But it is important to remember that before laying clay, you should thoroughly treat the preparation of the soil. First, its surface must be leveled and compacted. The calculation of bags is carried out on one square meter - usually for thermal insulation there are three standard volumes. After laying, the soil must be treated by punching it so that excess air is released.

Quality of work

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Floor insulation in a wooden house and techniquetheir location practically does not differ from works on thermal insulation in brick constructions. Before you do the finishing of the room, you need to think through each stage. Preliminary it is better to consult a professional who will determine which material is better to purchase, which coating option to use.

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