The basement, being an underground premise, musthave a good ventilation system. It is worth noting, if in the basement are stored pickles, canned food or vegetables, in any case should not allow excess moisture, as this in combination with stagnant air causes rotting products. If you start ventilating, thereby creating a draft, then, on the contrary, it will contribute to the drying up of vegetables. What to do? The answer is obvious: competently organized ventilation of the cellar will create an ideal balance of humidity and temperature.

It should be said that ventilationThe basement should be equipped also when there are no stocks of vegetables in it. The absence of a ventilation system leads to much more serious problems than decay and drying of root crops. Now we are already talking about the premature rotting of the house itself or parts, for example, of the sexes. In addition, if the ventilation of the basement is not equipped, there may be dampness in the house.

Of course, you can resort to usingprogressive means, installing electrical ventilation. However, this method of combating dampness requires some investment. More accessible is a system that is based on the natural circulation of air flows.

If we talk about suburban houses, where the cellarshave a small area and height, it is possible in the basement part of the basement to provide for certain openings (blowouts or vents). In the warm season, they can be kept open, and when the cold approaches, they simply close tightly. Such house ventilation systems are the simplest.

However, for basements that have a largearea and height, such measures are usually not enough. To create a favorable climate in such basements, household ventilation is needed, which is often called the supply and exhaust ventilation.

Let's consider ways of arrangement of the given system.

  1. A natural way. It is based on the difference in the temperature regimes of the air coming from outside and inside the basement.
  2. Forced method. Based on the work of the fan (electric), which is mounted in the ventilation pipe.

As for the natural way, ventilationbasement is arranged by installing 2 pipes, namely: exhaust and supply. These pipes must be located in different corners of the basement at different levels. Note that the opening of the exhaust pipe, which takes the air out, should be placed directly under the ceiling. The supply pipe is used to supply fresh air inwards, so it should be located in the lower part of the basement, at a distance of 0.5 meters from the floor. Inside the pipes are placed flaps, which are designed to regulate the intensity of air circulation, and the ends of the pipes should be covered with mini lids.

Note that the creation of this ventilationsystem does not require a large investment, which is an advantage. However, it should be noted and a significant drawback, which is that when the temperature inside the cellar and from the outside becomes equal, the air exchange ceases.

In order to let the ventilation of the basementfunction irrespective of the weather conditions, an improved exhaust pipe should be used, which presupposes the presence of a built-in fan. Thus, this fan will forcibly expel air from the room, thus ensuring the flow of fresh air into the basement through the supply pipe. This system is able to maintain air exchange in those periods of the year, when a natural way to work can not because of weather conditions.

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