Modern repair or construction of residentialpremises can not do without the installation of plastic windows. And this is justified, because for an affordable price there are a number of advantages: noise insulation, tightness, increase in the light opening and aesthetic appearance. But the joy of installing PVC products can not last long when there is a problem in winter such as the fogging up of plastic windows. The reasons for this state of affairs do not concern a person before the appearance of traces of mold on white slopes. And then the question arises: "What should I do?".

Physics, 8th grade

If you recall the basics of science that describeslaws of nature, it is possible to answer the question why the plastic window is sweating from the inside. In the textbook for the 8th grade in physics there is a topic about aggregate states of matter. Everything is clear: at different temperatures, the substance can be in the gaseous, solid and liquid state. And this phenomenon a person observes daily, for example, by boiling water, when it starts to evaporate at 100 degrees.

fogging plastic reason windows

The transition of matter from the gaseous state toliquid is called condensation. This phenomenon occurs when the temperature is lowered. If you apply this knowledge to PVC windows, it becomes obvious why the windows "cry"? The glass unit itself is located at the junction of two environments. In winter, it's cold outside, and the room is warm. During this period, the surface of the glass inside the room has a lower temperature, so the vapors contained in the air begin to change the aggregate state under the influence of the temperature difference and settle on the cold plane in the form of droplets.

Old wooden windows were better?

Wooden frames with glass, which do nottight, do not contribute to the appearance of condensation on the windows. You can, of course, leave old wooden structures and not suffer from a wet window sill in winter, but then the amounts given to communal workers for heating the housing will be much more impressive. After all, the beauty of PVC windows is in their tightness and preservation of the thermal energy of the house.

In Soviet times, supply and exhaust ventilationconsisted of ventilation ducts and slotted window frames, which carried out constant air circulation in the premises. When people began to change the window blocks for hermetic products, there was such a pressing problem, as misting up plastic windows. The causes and their elimination are interrelated: if the ventilation system is disturbed, it must be restored.


Another reason for the drop of water on the panes is the humidity in the room. According to the sanitary norms this indicator for a normal microclimate should not exceed 45%.

why the plastic window is sweating from the inside

If the hygrometer measures the humidity level in winterinside the living space, and it will show a value of 60% or higher, this is one of the reasons why the plastic window is sweating from the inside. Dampness in the apartment appears when the exhaust ventilation is insufficient.

Steam is formed during cooking,washing, showering. To avoid its concentration, it is necessary to adjust the operation of the ventilation ducts, ventilate the room more often and check the efficiency of the heaters, which should not be blocked by the window sill by more than 1/3.

Causes of moisture formation

  • Cooking food. During cooking, steam is released into the air, which, falling on the inner cold glass, settles in the form of droplets.
  • The constant stay of people in the room, without periodic airing.
  • Poor air circulation (closed batteries, non-working exhaust ducts).
  • Incorrect thermal insulation of the room.
  • Hanging wet things in the drying room.

Condensate is hazardous to health

The fogging of plastic windows, the reasons for whichare covered in a high humidity of air in the housing, signals an unfavorable microclimate, as dampness is an excellent medium for the development of mold and fungus. If you do not pay attention to the "crying" windows, over time the slopes will cover with black spots, and this is a serious signal that you need to thoroughly clean the surfaces.

condensate on windows

Harmless, at first glance, the neighborhood of manwith moldy walls turns into problems for health. Invisible spores of the fungus and mold penetrate the respiratory tract into the human body and worsen its well-being. Especially at risk people with asthmatic diseases. Therefore, the question of how to eliminate the fogging of plastic windows is not only relevant for preserving the aesthetic appearance of the room, but is also important for maintaining a healthy microclimate.

Special double-glazed windows

Having found out that the condensate appears on thecold surface indoors - a window glass, you will understand that if you reduce the thermal conductivity of the double-glazed window, the chances of droplets appear lower. Due to the thermal insulation of the double-glazed windows, it is possible to increase the temperature of the inside of the window.

Managers of window companies problem: "How not to admit condensate on the windows?", Offer to solve the installation of special double-glazed windows. At least two-chamber design should be chosen, with energy-saving coating and argon filling of the space between the panes.

Condensate on slopes

It happens that after mounting metal-plasticwindows, even a premium class, "cry" windows and slopes. This state of affairs is due to the presence of "cold bridges". These are places that are exposed to simultaneous exposure to cold and heat. These bridges appear at the points of contact between the profile and the outer wall.

the windows are crying

To avoid condensation near the windows, some calculations are made by means of isotherms during the determination of the installation site. So, with a monolithic wall, the window unit is installed in the middle of the slope.

It is difficult to trace the correct installation of the metal-plastic construction to the layman, so when choosing a window company the main thing is to find professional installers.


Knowing the reasons why plastic windows are sweatingin the apartment, you can easily identify ways to solve the problem. It is important to ventilate the room in order to remove the warm and moisture-saturated air. When opening the windows, especially in cold weather, warm air from the room is weathered, and the room becomes cool, but the humidity decreases. Enough short-term airing.

how to get rid of fogging plastic windows

After taking a bath or washing it is recommendedinclude forced ventilation. And if there is none, it is necessary to address the issue of its installation. In old apartment buildings, the exhaust ducts are often blocked by the construction company. To check the efficiency of ventilation, it is enough to bring a sheet of paper to it: if there is traction, the sheet will stick to the grid, otherwise you should write a statement in the housing and communal services with a request to clean the clogged channel. That is, the hood should be present in the house, in places of high humidity: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, swimming pool (in a private house).

how to remove fogging plastic windows

After sleep, cooking, showering, washing anda large crowd of people in one place you need to ventilate the room! And this not only solves the problem: "How to get rid of fogging plastic windows?", But also will create the right microclimate necessary for health.

What if the mold crawled?

Until then, the article clarified the reasonsthe appearance of condensate and ways to prevent these "tears". What to do if there was no proper attention to the wet windows, and the situation got a neglected form - moldy slopes?

The fogging of plastic windows, the reasons for which are notso diverse, but require their own identification, is the main source of mold. When the slopes are already covered with black spots, the detection of some factors of their formation is not enough, now you should get rid of the plaque.

Sweat plastic windows in the apartment

If this happened in the winter,daily regular airing of the room. Slopes are treated with chloric, alcoholic solutions. With the onset of the summer, it is necessary to disassemble the slopes: remove the affected areas of the plaster. Then, after drying the repair area, it is necessary to treat them with an antiseptic and waterproofing agent.

Mandatory after antifungalprocedures should be thoroughly ventilated. When the consequences of high humidity are removed, and the slopes are repaired, it is important not to let the causes of the "crying" windows again appear. And, means, it is necessary to constantly air a premise and to use absorbers of humidity.

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