how to grow cucumbers in a barrel
Today, innovative inventions with successare being introduced into everyday practice in various spheres of agriculture and agronomy: new methods of plant cultivation are emerging. Let's talk about one unusual way of growing vegetables. Few people have heard of how to grow cucumbers in a barrel. And those gardeners who are already familiar with this original way of growing, are thinking of abandoning the cultivation of cucumbers in a traditional way - on ordinary beds. Many preferred this non-standard option.

How to grow cucumbers in a barrel? What are the advantages of this method of cultivation? First, you save space on a garden or garden. Put the barrel filled with fertile soil, you can even in a place not at all adapted for the garden.

Secondly, the whole process of vegetation in your mind. Remove weeds, apply fertilizers and water if necessary - very convenient, as in a large flowerpot.

Thirdly, you observe the growth of fruits and do not allow them to outgrow. Cultivation of cucumbers in barrels is convenient because all the cucumbers are in your hands!

Fourthly, the barrel is masked under the greenhanging branches. It looks mysterious and attracts attention. This is a colorful, original element of the landscape design of your garden or other place where you put the barrel.

Growing cucumbers in a barrel: where to start?

cucumber cultivation in barrels
And yet, how to grow cucumbers in a barrel? To do this, you need a wooden, metal or plastic barrel. Stain it in any color, preferably black, brown or green - it's up to you. Then fill the barrel with earth. Approximately half of the soil is covered with soil mixed with fallen leaves, that is, with the organics that will perepreet and supply plants with mineral substances and additional heat. The second half is covered with fertile soil, enriched with fertilizers. From above water the earth with one glass of mineral fertilizers, and after - a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate. After a while, when the earth absorbs moisture, the soil will have to be dug.

Enthusiasts often ask themselves: "How to grow cucumbers in a barrel to get an early harvest?" To grow successfully, and the cucumbers matured early, special attention should be paid to the choice of seeds. So, the best option in our case is early, greenhouse sorts of cucumbers, for example "Ajax". In the barrel can be placed from 12 to 20 seeds. This amount can plant a two-meter garden! That's great benefit, thanks to the economical way of growing.

how to grow cucumbers in a barrel
For greater similarity, create a greenhouse effectwith the help of a film, which you will tightly cover the top of the barrel. Seeds will feel very good: the greenhouse effect and heat from the compost, which over time will perepreet and give plants additional fertilizer.

When sprouts are formed, tilt the film and leave the sun to care for your seedlings. Do not forget to loosen the ground and pull out the weeds.

How to grow cucumbers in a barrel, you can finda lot of information - there would be a desire. Let's just say that this method of cultivation has been widely used in China for many years. At us only gets accustomed, slowly gaining momentum. So do not be afraid to experiment, and cucumbers in the barrel will surprise you with a great harvest.

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