All of us are lucky ownersa small plot of land with a proud name "summer residence". And it is here that we come not only to water, weed out and harvest, but also to rest. And for this it is necessary that on it there were not only beds. I do not want to spend an "ennoy" sum on decoration, and I do not need it. Many ideas for the garden and giving their own hands are quite feasible. And there are so many materials around which you can not carry. So we store our imagination - and forward to creating our heavenly corner.

A little bit of life

In Europe, a dacha or garden plot is not considered at all as a place that can yield a crop. It is used only "for the soul." Ask: "And where is the benefit?" In aesthetic pleasure!

Beautiful house for a garden of paradise

ideas for a garden and giving by your own hands

So, if we consider ideas for giving and garden,photos of which are exhibited in each magazine, then it starts with the design of the house itself. And it does not matter if you live in it or not. For work, you will need waterproof paints of the brightest colors, furniture varnish and a little imagination. Shutters at home can be turned into a real masterpiece of art. Especially if you make them carved before painting. And if you involve children in this creative process, you can get a house from a fairy tale, on the walls of which heroes of many works and fantasies come to life. To the window sills on the street side, you can attach boxes for flowers, and on the walls you can open a loach or decorative grapes. The effect will amaze not only others, but you. The house of the fairy tale is ready! Ideas for a garden and giving their own hands to put it into practice quite easily. They are so diverse that you can not only turn the house into a fairy tale, but also the entire site completely.

ideas for giving and garden photos
We decorate the plot

And what about the site itself? Do we really leave it at that? Well, I do not. There are crafts for giving and garden, which you can do yourself. We take plastic bottles, old tires and churochki from dried and felled trees, paints, varnish and proceed. Ideas for the garden and dacha with their own hands are so popular that they require nothing but immense imagination and perseverance.

So, from an old tire you can create beautifulswans, color them, and inside plant flowers. The original and unusual flowerbed is ready. From churochok and twigs you can create quite nice little people or small animals. They will take a worthy place in your garden. Of the bottles that have long been thrown away, you can make flowers, and even a huge peacock. He will decorate the garden for many years. So what's included

crafts for summer residence and a garden
m fantasy and begin to create.

A few more ideas

Do you want to have a reservoir in the country? You are welcome. You need a small bath or a barrel that will dig in the ground, pebbles, sand and plants that will live in your pond. The capacity is buried in the soil, we decorate. At the bottom we pour sand and gravel and pour water. We plant the plants. Well, that's all - the pond is ready. Just remember that the water in it needs to be changed as often as possible, and in the summer it is also necessary to pour it. By the way, a couple of swans near the pond will look very organic.

The plot is entirely in rustic style andall kinds of slides, ponds and figurines are considered inappropriate? Then the perfect solution is the wattle fence. It is very functional - you can wall yourself off from neighbors or protect the playground. And besides, it is quite colorful and will give the garden a touch of such simplicity and grace.

These are only the smallest ideas for the garden and villa, with their own hands that we can decorate all year round. You just have to decide what you want, and include fantasy. I wish you success!

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