Success in any business is possible only if,when the company has its own face. Image is one of the components of success. For managers who care about the image of their company, several special models of seats have been developed.

armchair senator

Armchair "Senator"

This chair can be considered the basic model. Strict, comfortable and comfortable, it all the way speaks about the success of the person in whose office is located. The armrests and crossings of the model are made of high-strength plastic. The leather armchair "Senator" is designed for a person whose weight does not exceed 120 kilograms. The wide seat made of genuine leather, the ergonomic backrest are perfect for people of different builds. Under the seat is a special mechanism that allows either to use the "Senator" chair as a rocking chair or fix it in the desired position. High soft back, a special device that regulates the height, make it convenient for people of different heights. The back and seat are very soft: they are filled with 80 millimeter foam rubber. The manager himself can decide how much the preferred model he prefers. Armchair "Senator" can be made from natural leather (10 colors at the customer's choice), eco-leather "auto-hortika" or "Dollar" (several dozen shades). Naturally, the product of the first material will cost an order of magnitude more expensive. However, artificial leather (eco-leather) has such a high quality that it can be distinguished only from a real one only after a very careful examination. The Senator chair is not the only model invented for managers. There are 2 more options.

Armchair "Senator-2"

It differs from the base model with its luxurious design and ultra-modern ergonomic outlines.

chair senator 2
The skeleton of it, unlike a cheaper product,is made of strong metal. Brilliant chrome, covering all the metal parts of the chair, not only emphasizes its representative look. This material increases the wear resistance of parts, protects the upholstery from contact with walls or furniture. Like the Senator, the Senator-2 chair is equipped with a rocking and height adjustment mechanism. It can be made in a leather version or have upholstery made of eco-leather. Exquisite, but at the same time a strict classical chair perfectly fits into the office of a high leader, will help create an atmosphere of rigor, solidity, business luxury.

Armchair "Senator-extra"

extra-senator's chair
This model can choose for itself evenleader of the highest level. No wonder it has such a name: strict luxury, magnificent design, elegant outlines of the model were subdued by officials of all echelons. The chair is equipped with stylish wooden armrests, a wooden frame and a cross. A natural tree is expensive, but it creates an excellent image of consistency, aristocracy, and reliability. The frame can withstand weight over 120 kilograms. Strict, but elegant stitching emphasizes the luxury of a soft office chair. The model, which is made of genuine leather, enjoys the highest demand in furniture markets.

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