In architecture, the entrance group is called the gatefor the entry of vehicles and wicket. Each summer resident is interested in that they are comfortable and attractive, sufficiently strong, ready to last for many years of construction. Although currently equipment for the entry into the territory is divided into sliding, lifting and swinging gates, the last, according to tradition, gives preference to the majority of summer residents.

Like many centuries ago, the installation of swingingthe gate is produced on vertical poles, which are hung with gates by means of various devices, including hinges. Gate leaves are a rigid frame made of steel material, and then lined with selected material. They can open both inside the yard and out. The paneling for the leaflets is very diverse, starting from traditional wood or forged elements, and ending with combined modern materials, profiled sheeting or steel sheets. When choosing a skin, you should stop on light materials. Heavy materials will increase the load on the fastening hinges, so the swing gates will wear out sooner.

Swing gates
An important element of such gates is a strongbolt. He not only firmly locks the sashes, but also prevents them from sagging and loosening up. With strong gusts of wind and frequent use, the supports are loosened, and the massive doors can still sag. That is why, when installing the swing gates, it is necessary to arrange a very deep foundation for supporting poles. But this is not a drawback, because unlike the sliding gates, the swing gates do not need to allocate an additional area for rolling the canvas.

Installation of swing gates
At the same time, the swinging doors, lined with wood inour climate zone, are becoming less popular. Inconvenient operation is the gate, covered with heavy materials, because they are very difficult to open. The majority of summer residents prefer light weight doors, which open themselves from a slight push by hand, and many choose automation, because it is so convenient to control the gate with the help of the control panel, although automation is more suitable for sliding structures.

Installation of swing gates
As for production and installation, todayA lot of companies carry out services in the field of the equipment of the entrance group. Very many owners of summer cottages willingly undertake this work independently and successfully implement it. What is needed for this? Buy a ready-made kit with all the elements necessary to assemble the structure, select the suitable materials and start acting.

When choosing a swing gates, pay attention tothat they are conveniently opened, that is, in the direction that is most suitable for you. Remember that this choice is made for many years, because it is not so simple to technically replace already installed swing doors for another type of gate, for example, sliding console, which are installed only from the inside of the dacha with the help of carriage blocks.

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