Having a private country house, you probablythought about buying chainsaws. And not in vain, because the specificity of living in the bosom of nature requires the periodic construction of outbuildings, the procurement of firewood or lumber, as well as the alignment of garden trees. Doing all this with a hand hacksaw is extremely difficult, but because the chainsaw "Partner", reviews about which are very positive, have recently become a frequent acquisition.

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It should be noted that sometimes one can hear a not too censorious opinion about the products of this firm, but in most cases the same human factor is to blame.

Someone naively thinks that watching the instrumentit is not necessary, but more often a person acquires the tool "Partner", a chainsaw (the price for which is so attractive is not high) works in a strengthened mode for a couple of months, and then breaks down. What is the reason? And the fact is that for this mode of operation it is necessary to buy at least a semi-professional, but not a household model.

As in most cases with a gasoline instrument, consider a "live example" - the saw "Partner-351XT CHROME".

It greatly improves the filtering mechanismair. It uses a special technology CCS, which guarantees a longer use of the air filter. By the way, it was the special system of air purification that made such popular "Chain" chainsaws "Partner". Reviews say that even in a heavily dusty atmosphere the tool works without causing any complaints.

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The working tire here has a length of 45 cm. This is quite enough for most of the work. By the way, the tire itself has been slightly altered, which immediately distinguishes it from the models for household saws. Its revolution is somewhat difficult because of this: first you have to unscrew one hexagon from its inner side. But this system provides an ideal fixation, well, this procedure is not so frequent to pay much attention to such inconvenience. Even if you lose some element of fasteners, spare parts for chainsaw "Partner" are available in most cities of our country.

Is characteristic of a professionaltool system of light start, which protects the resource of the saw itself. In any case, the user does not have to jerk the handle of the starter frenziedly every time. A nice addition is the right hand shield, which reliably protects your limb from all sorts of troubles that are not uncommon on the construction site.

spare parts for chain saws partner
It is because of the concern for safetyconsumers often professional builders buy chainsaws "Partner". The reviews confirm that even potentially dangerous situations can be avoided.

The shape of the front handle is similar to the Latin letterD. This greatly simplifies the work with it in the horizontal plane, which is typical, for example, when felling trees. It should be noted that during long-term operation, the tool retains its service life due to a particularly strong sputtering on the working piston group. For carpenters, it will also be important that even when sawing the material along the fibers, the saw does not "swim", and the tool itself is extremely stable. The brake works instantly.

Thus, the chainsaw "Partner" (which is confirmed by the reviews) is an exceptionally successful acquisition.

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