Harvesting firewood or even simple work in the garden,If it is performed using an electric or gasoline saw, a well-grounded chain is required. We think that it makes no sense to buy a new one every time, since its value can hardly be called moderate.

So how do you sharpen a chainsaw chain? Let's deal with the main points.

how to sharpen chain chainsaws
When is it necessary to sharpen?

How do you know that the cutting edge has lost itssharpness? Well, there are enough characteristics. To begin with, the tool begins to hardly enter the tree, and the sawing process itself is much slower. In addition, in this case, the working tire of the tool begins to warm up a lot.

By the way, where to sharpen the chain for the chainsaw? This can be done both in your garage, and turn to professionals with a machine.

Pay attention to sawdust!

Experienced sawmillers know that the size of sawdust is very revealing: if they become like fine dust that occurs when working on a grinding machine, then the chain is 100% time to sharpen.

Since you can sharpen chainsaw chain by twomethods, we note at once that we will consider a manual procedure. It is unlikely that some summer resident will buy an automatic machine, the cost of which is comparable to the price of two saws of the amateur class.

how to sharpen chain chainsaws
Manual sharpening

Of course, the most popular is the manualtype, since it does not require the purchase of a complex and expensive tool. That's only to approach this kind of sharpening should be the most accurate.

Just note that the height of the cutter, andalso the angle of the cutting tooth should strictly comply with the standards that the producer specified in the accompanying documents. "Chemical" and "improve" does not need anything here. In no event can you change the links of the factory chains (even seemingly identical), since all this is fraught with their breaks.

Select file

Before you sharpen the chain chainsaw, you needbuy a special set. It's better when you constantly use tools from only one manufacturer. In this case it is better to buy a set for sharpening the same brand.

Carefully study the parameters of the tooth, its inclination andstep! Suppose that the step, the most common, is 4-5.5 mm. Attach a file to the tooth: it should not extend over its upper edge more than 1/5 of the length. During grinding, you need to hold the file at an angle of 10-30 ° to the horizontal plane.

where to sharpen chains for chainsaws
How is sharpening

Since it is correct to sharpen chainsaw chains quicklyit will not work out, every movement needs to be done slowly and accurately. The file must be constantly rotated along its axis: this not only ensures better grinding of the teeth, but also the tool itself wears more evenly.

Prevent the wear of the file

Do not "jump" from the tooth to the tooth, each of themneed to sharpen consistently. It is preferable to sharpen the cutting edge first from one side, and then, after the complete passage of the chain, go over to the other. This approach is not only more convenient, but also completely prevents overheating of the metal.

Determine the same number in advancemovements, which will sharpen the chain. This will prevent uneven tool wear. If there is an uneven wear of the teeth, then you need to focus on the length of the shortest, shoving the rest to its size.

So we told you how to sharpen the chain chainsaw.

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