Recently, chainsaws have become activeto establish a laser sight. In order to fix it, it will be necessary to make a choice between a universal and specialized fastening. But there is another option, which began to be used not so long ago. In this case, a special adapter is used. His specialty is related to the place on which the sight is attached. The adapter must be installed on the inclined surface of the front grip in the part where the spring is located.

laser sight

There is such a laser sight that does notrequires the use of screwdrivers, wrenches or other tools. It can be fixed manually, by twisting or twisting with your fingers. After the adapter is installed on the handle of the chainsaw, there will be no difficulties with fixing the sight itself. It is easy to install manually

laser sight

Laser sight is necessary in order toto facilitate cross-cutting of the trunk of wood into separate pieces of the same size. Usually this size is from 25 centimeters to one and a half meters. The principle of the saw with the laser is as follows:

1. It is necessary to install the chainsaw at a certain distance from the edge of the log, which should be sawn. The sight should be set so that it points to the edge.

2. On the wood with a chainsaw you need to make a mark.

3. Then it is necessary to transfer the saw in such a way that the beam points to the mark made earlier.

4. After that, the process with the creation of the mark must be repeated.

The number of such operations will depend on theThe length of the log that should be sawn. When moving to another beam laser sight should not be reconfigured. It should also be noted that the adjustment of the sight itself does not require the use of additional tools. Everything is done easily and simply.

laser sight with your own hands

Very often there are doubts thatThe laser beam can be seen in bright sunlight. But this does not have to worry about: the ray is noticeable in any light. The main problem arises only with the appearance of orange spots before your eyes due to the fact that the beam is constantly in sight. But in this case there is a way out. To ensure that the laser sight does not damage your eyesight, you should purchase special glasses.

When using such a sight, there may be an error if it indicates the direction along the log, and not in the form of a point. In the second case, it is much more difficult to miss.

In summary, we can say that this kind ofsights for chainsaws is good because with its help you can facilitate the process of sawing logs and increase the accuracy of the rolls. This tool is also called "two in one". In the second case, the laser beams are intended to illuminate the necessary target, which is located at some distance, and set the direction of the fall of the tree. Laser sights in this situation require accuracy in relation to the geometry of individual chainsaw models. In addition, it is encouraging that it is not difficult to install a laser sight with your own hands.

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