Modern lovers of suburban life nowpay more attention not only to security, but also to a comfortable stay at the dacha. Many now abandon the usual toilets, hiding in the shade of trees, in favor of a biotoilet, which is a very useful device. It will help get rid of various problems.

how to choose a toilet for a summer residence

So, how to choose a bio-toilet for a dacha so that notbe disappointed in your decision? Which model to pay due attention? Of course, the question of how to choose a bio-toilet for a dacha is correct, a person who first decided to do this is not easy. However, the main criteria for selection should be the reliability and convenience of your dry closet. In addition, it is desirable to determine what it should be: high or low, stationary or portable. But this is not all, because all existing biotoilets can be divided into such types: electric, peat, bacteriological and chemical.

- Electrical biotoilets are used wherever there is access to electricity. Such toilets have a lot of advantages, however, they are expensive.

- Peat bio-toilets have peat in a special tank, which absorbs unpleasant smells. In addition, this toilet is environmentally friendly.

- Bacterial biotoilets in the tank have special microorganisms that process waste of human life and destroy unpleasant odors.

liquid for toilets

- Chemical biotoilets dissolve waste andcope with unpleasant smells with the help of chemical composition. Such models are very light, mobile and convenient. Only require a periodic purchase of specialty chemicals.

If you do not know how to choose a dry closet for a summer residence, we recommend that you pay due attention to these characteristics.

- A very important role in the operation is played by the volumea reservoir that is designed to collect waste. It should be noted that the more it is bigger, the less often it will need to be cleaned. In addition, its size will directly depend on how many people will use it.

- Loads that the model you like can withstand. This parameter will depend on the quality of the material from which it is produced.

- Be sure to take that bio-toilet that is convenient and fit in size.

- It is better to choose a bio-toilet equipped with indicators, and having a flushing function.

Where to buy a toilet?

A dry closet can be purchased in sanitary ware shopsor even in online stores that specialize in the sale of these devices. How to choose a bio-toilet for a summer residence, and what to look for, you already know, however, consider one more nuance: you should definitely purchase a special liquid for the biotoilets, which will purify it and disinfect it.

where to buy a biotoilet

Knowing all the features of existing toilets, youyou can quickly decide on the choice and make the right and environmentally friendly acquisition, which will bring you benefits and for long serve faith and truth. Be sure to determine the amount that you are willing to pay for such a toilet, and then the purchase will be completed many times faster.

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