To solve the "toilet" issue, it is not necessary to dig a hole. You can find a fairly simple and aesthetic solution for the equipment of an eco-friendly and clean septic at the cottage.

Peat toilets for cottages
This building can become a bio-toilet for a summer residence. Reviews about him, by the way, the most positive.

Toilet of this type has an advantage overtraditional, with a cesspool, because it is easy to maintain and more environmentally friendly. You can buy it in the store, but some craftsmen only trust their hands.

The peat toilets for dachas consist of a homemade toilet seat with a bucket, a peat tray, a compost pit and peat itself.

What is peat used for? It contains bacteria that perfectly cleave feces, transforming them into an excellent fertilizer for garden plants.

After each visit to the dacha bio-toilet,biological waste is poured with a portion of peat. As the waste container is filled, it is taken out and poured into the compost pit. Sprinkling peat with every part of the biological waste, the gardeners rid themselves of the unwanted odor while providing good composting.

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Use sawdust instead of peat, as the effect of rapid composting of waste is lost.

If you have a capacity to collect waste more than 50 liters, then it makes sense to use peat with sawdust in equal parts. In this case, sawdust will play the role of a substrate aerator.

A peat toilets for dacha will justify itself if the materials for it are dry. In this condition, a kilogram of peat mixture can absorb up to ten liters of watery waste.

A peat toilets for dachas can be placed inhouse, but then you need to build a chimney. This is necessary for the removal of unpleasant odors, the evaporation of excess moisture from the septic tank and the supply of compost with oxygen.

Often in the garden areas you can find a two-chamber peat toilets for a summer residence. The second chamber is used when the main is cleaned and prepared.

Dacha bio-toilet
In each chamber, a grid is placed on the bottom. This provides air access. In the two-chamber toilet, two ventilation pipes are installed, they ventilate and ventilate the chambers, and also supply air under the mesh installed on the bottom.

Compost "works" normally, if the temperatureair from ten degrees with a plus sign. Therefore, from the fall to the spring, the toilet must be heated. Heating is necessary in order to use a peat toilet for a summer residence in a cool time.

In the country you can find more complex structures. A peat-based stationary bio-toilet is one of such structures. It is indispensable in areas where there is a lack of water.

The basis of such a septic tank is an inclined chamberfor compost collection. It should be very roomy, and the bottom is made with a slope of 30 degrees. As a grate, pipes spaced along are used. With this design, the air ducts are clogged, ventilation of the lower chamber is ensured.

Peat is periodically added to the compost chamber through the door, and compost is removed through the door below.

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