The Americans gave the entrance gate quitea kind of definition. They call them a "house smile." Make this same smile as attractive as possible with a gate with a wicket gate, which today in the construction market a great many. Known to mankind since time immemorial, they still have not lost their relevance and popularity, are in constant demand among the owners of summer cottages, country houses, garages, and they can cope with the protective function assigned to them. In addition, the gates swinging with the wicket are easy to use and install, are not very expensive, convenient and aesthetic, which undoubtedly affects the breadth of their distribution.

gates with a gate
Quite often, such gates can be seen both in the city and in suburban areas, which also indicates their extraordinary popularity and accessibility.

This type of gate is composed ofof two flaps construction, which for convenience is equipped with a special wicket. This device makes the gates swinging with the wicket more convenient and functional in use, as there is no need to fully open them every time you need to go in or out of the fenced area. As for the material from which they are made, the choice is very diverse. This is a single-piece steel or profiled sheet, and metal bars, and wood, and mesh-netting. Although the main function of the gate is to protect the territory, the aesthetic appearance of the gates is also of great importance. For this reason, usually a steel sheet is made of garage doors, and the same entrance doors, as a rule, require more sophisticated solutions. For example, for these purposes, elegant forged gates are ideal. Made by their own or design sketches, they will serve as a true decoration of the fence.

 swing gate with wicket door

Choosing an entrance gate swinging with a gate,It is necessary to take into account the features of the building, which they are called to protect. The house and the fence should be an integral architectural ensemble and harmonize with each other. For those owners of their own homes who prefer to hide their territory from prying eyes, the best option is a blind gate and a fence made of profiled sheet. For those who love light and space, it is best to choose on forged gates and the same fencing.

garage gates

Entrance gates can be swung open,and inside the site. It is best to install the wicket so that it opens in the opposite direction from the main wings. This will ensure unimpeded access to the territory of the site from either side, which is especially important in winter, when it becomes necessary to clear snow drifts.

The swing gates with the wicket can be opened asmanually, and automatically, for which they are equipped with a special electric drive. If desired, they also install mechanical or electronic locks, video surveillance systems, which significantly improves the security function of the gate itself and the entire fence as a whole. A rich choice of swing gates and all kinds of accessories to them makes it possible to make the "smile" of your house functional and extraordinarily attractive.

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