Flowers, parsley and onions have long been grown onwindow sills. However, not everyone knows that it is possible to grow strawberries at home. Strawberry is considered the queen of berries. It is a dietary product and has wound healing, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and diuretic action, regulates metabolism, improves blood consistency.

You can list all the useful properties for a long timestrawberries, which make this berry not only a real storehouse of vitamins and biologically active substances necessary for man, but also a favorite treat for children and adults. Unfortunately, strawberries can be seen on sale only from May to June, as in our country the "strawberry business" is only in its infancy, the strawberry is grown only in the open ground, while in other countries, for example, Holland, it has been grown all year round in greenhouses and greenhouses, many practice growing strawberries at home.

The technique of non-green strawberry growing wasdeveloped back in the days of the Soviet Union and kept in strict confidence, and then left for the West. Today, many Russians are already trying to grow strawberries at home. To do this, any room: a veranda, a free room, a garage or a barn. The main thing is to have the ability to withstand the temperature regime within a year.

Strawberries are grown at home inpolyethylene bags, which can be bought in a store or welded out of polyethylene film better white and 0.2 mm thick. The diameter of the bags should be 16 centimeters, and the height - two meters. Sacks can be of other sizes, the main thing is that they should have a small diameter - this will make it possible to use the area more rationally, that is, to install a larger number of bags in the same area.

To grow strawberries at home,Bags need to be filled with a special substrate - a mixture of peat and perlite, an alternative is a mixture of land and fertilizers. But it is best to prepare peat moss in equal parts peat, humus, sawdust, turf and sand. All components must be thoroughly mixed and covered in sealed bags.

Along the bags you need to make incisions - plantingThe holes in which strawberry bushes are planted. Cuttings should be done in staggered order in 4 vertical rows at a distance of 25 centimeters from each other. Bags are installed on the floor in rows. If the height of the room allows, then strawberries can be grown in two levels at home, that is, the upper ones are suspended above the lower sacks, in which the seedlings are planted according to the same scheme. For one square meter on each tier you can install no more than three bags.

To feed plants will need ordinarydroppers - three on each bag, which are distributed in the upper, middle and lower parts. All droppers are attached to the common distribution pipeline. A day on the bag will require about two liters of nutrients. In the flowering period, strawberries produce artificial pollination in one of two ways: manual, using a brush and using a domestic fan. The second method is used in large areas.

Growing strawberries at home requiresgood lighting. To ensure that the light is evenly distributed throughout the surface of the plant, it is better to place the fluorescent lamps horizontally, although a different arrangement is possible. Lighting the plantation is needed 14 hours a day, and to reduce electricity costs, to reflect light along the walls fasten sheets of tinplate, aluminum foil or just white paper.

Growing strawberries at home in the future can become a promising business. And you can start today.

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