The first impression of the house is the gate. They should not only be reliable for their intended purpose, but also look at the proper level, it is good to fit into the architectural ensemble. The gates of private houses can be swinging, sliding, automatic or manually opening.

Since ancient times, swinging structures have been considered traditional, but now more and more people are asking themselves how to make sliding gates with their own hands.

how to make a sliding gate with your own hands

Such products are a single panel,Moving along the fence on rollers, which are mounted on special guides. The main advantage of such a structure is the economical use of space. Such a gate can be opened in any weather, and in which direction they will be opened, the owner chooses independently.

How to make a garage gate with your own hands? Manufacturing technology is as follows:

1. Formation of the foundation. There are two main types of base under the sliding gate:

  • A trench measuring 1500x1500x50 is digging insideThe reinforcement is laid and the mixture is filled with cement. When installing the sliding gate frame on such a foundation, you must use the level to make sure that there are no distortions, otherwise the gate will not open.
  • Digging out two pits 500h500h1500,support pillars are installed. Usually it is a steel pipe, but it is possible to use a channel, a solid wood bar made of concrete or a pillared brick. Its base must enter the ground to the depth of freezing of the soil. The pillar is poured with concrete. After about 8 days, the concrete freezes. When using brick structures it is desirable to install embedded elements in the number of 3 pieces, having deviated from the edge of the opening by 100 mm.

metal gates with their own hands
2. How to make a sliding gate with your own hands from existing materials? There is no special complexity here. The support beam, which holds the entire load of the gate, is the basic element of the structure. Therefore, it must have sufficient rigidity. It is best for these purposes to use a hollow square pipe 20x20. In the lower face, a groove with a width of 2 mm is larger than the support for the rollers. Rollers or support carriages are inserted into the groove, which are then fixed to the foundation. To strengthen the square tube with a groove, it is additionally connected with another similar pipe through small segments of the same profiles. To ensure that the gate does not touch the ground when opening, the load-bearing beam is mounted on the cantilever blocks.

3. The next stage of how to make a sliding gate with your own hands is the manufacture of the gate itself:

  • Carrying out the support frame for the product panel. Use any metal section of any section. The only condition is to ensure sufficient rigidity of the structure.
  • Frame rim for increased rigidity and reliability during operation; Guide rails are welded to the bottom of the frame.
  • Surfaces of products are covered with soil, and then after drying they are dyed. Pick up the paint to be resistant to the environment.
  • Gates of the gate frame. The material for this can be corrugated board, metal panel. Fastening of the blade is performed by rivets or screws.
    how to make garage gates with your own hands

4. The final stage, how to make a sliding gate with your own hands, is to install the gate.
For this you need:

  • Set the rollers, at the maximum distance from each other.
  • Attach the frame to the carriages.
  • Perform tests on the movement of the gate onguide and, if necessary, refinements for smooth sliding of the rollers. Closing and opening the gate can be manually or install an automatic mechanism.

To make a metal gate with your own handseveryone can on his site. This will be a reliable and durable design, designed not only to preserve the owner's property, but also to decorate the house.

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