The construction of a garage can become seriousproblem, if you do not think in advance which attributes you want to apply. One of the questions is the topic of choosing the gate that you would like to install. The material from which the garage gates are made can be very different. The options for opening the doors are also selected based on the specific location. And not always what your neighbor chooses, will suit you.

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Consider the options for opening, which can be used for garage doors. Each type is interesting in its own way, so there is a choice for any buyer.

  1. Sweeps.
  2. Sliding.
  3. Backwards.
  4. Lifting.
  5. Lifting and rolling.

The swing gates for garages are the simplest anda cheap installation option. This is a familiar opening for us, it does not require any special conditions for installation. But a significant disadvantage can be considered the need for a free space near the garage. This is not always possible to prepare, so it is better to choose another way.

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Sliding gates allow you to remove the canvas in oneor two sides, freeing the opening. It does not require any additional sites, but most often only manual opening is possible. This is also not always convenient. Sliding gates for garages have the ability to install a canvas both inside and outside the building. Choose the option that is most convenient for your case. The door leaf goes to the side along the wall. Here you can easily apply automation: to open the garage, just press the button.

Lifting gates for garages allow you to freeopening, lifting the canopy upward, but if only the height of the building allows it to be done. For the option, when the garage is stand alone and has a small footprint, the roll up gate is more suitable. Made of special material, they allow you to collect the canvas above the opening. At the opening of the garage they do not interfere with the car at the entrance.

automatic garage door

There is another kind of convenient openingfor the garage. Lifting and sliding gates allow you to open an opening, laying the canvas along the ceiling. Initially, the gate goes up, then goes to the horizontal position and is removed upward. But this opening requires a small amount of free space, so that the flap can be opened without interference.

Automatic garage doors can beApplicable to any type of opening. The difference here is only in the automation block. Here, too, there is a gradation. The level is chosen by each. You can select an opening using the remote control so that it's convenient to approach the gate and open by pressing just the button. You can install a scanner that will determine your car and, when approaching it to the garage, open the gate.

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Cloth for the gate is made from differentmaterial. It can be the usual wooden gate for the garage. Their price is not very high. If you plan a warm room, it is better to take a roller sectional door with a heater inside. Suitable here and linen, made on the basis of proflista. They can also be ordered with an internal warm interlayer. Any of the options can be painted using the desired color. For a detached garage, it is selected in one range with walls or a roof.

It is possible to combine garage and entrance gates into one single composition, then they will emphasize the dignity of each other. External finishing is already a secondary task.

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