Since childhood, when sent to the villageto grandparents for the summer, many remember the unpleasant "scent" in the village toilet. We can assume that this was a complete lack of comfort. The complexity of suburban living is also that it is problematic or very expensive to order a special machine for pumping out cesspools. And so we have to manually clean up. That creates more problems for the maintenance of the closet.

A toilet for a dacha without a smell and pumping out is a dream of avid lovers of country rest.

toilet for giving without smell and pumping out
This problem has long beenAttention. Nowadays a number of designs and devices have appeared that can provide a comfortable stay in nature. To select the necessary system, the toilet theme should be considered in more detail.

Classic Types of Closets

It is possible to single out a number of such structures and structures that are typical for suburban construction, including dachas:

  • a bucket-toilet;
  • classic, detached toilet with a pit;
  • septic tanks.

The first two absolutely do not eliminate odors and are outdated versions of the closets. Of all the above, the latter species should be considered, which meets the requirements of "no odor and pumping out":

  • Septic tanks. More complex construction, requiring connection to water and capital construction works. To maintain such facilities, though rarely, but still have to do pumping capacity. Often for the first input container, a means for cesspools is used. Due to the splitting of organic waste, pumping will have to be done very rarely.

Such a system requires significant financialcosts during construction, and in the future will have to be spent on septic means. Therefore, to give is not the most interesting option. Septic tanks can be installed in the event that people are in a country house all year round, and other wastes of economic activity will be merged in addition to impurities.

Modern types

  • Chemical bio-toilet. Chemicals are used for the processing of human waste. The most popular mobile models. Odor is absent, but the processed liquid can not be used as a fertilizer. Therefore, you should think about where to put the resulting recycled mass.
  • Peat bio-toilet or powder-closet. There are two types of stationary and portable. Gaining a turn of popularity. The processed products are further used as a fertilizer. The best peat toilet for a summer residence - stationary. It will provide the most comfortable use, with no unpleasant odor.
  • An electric bio-toilet. It works without odor emissions due to forced ventilation. The recycled mass can be used as a compost.

Advantage of modern closets in minimizing "flavors", the possibility of easy installation.

Classification by type of installation

Two large groups can be distinguished according to the type of installation work:

  • Portable. This list includes various types of portable toilets. Their main merit is that they do not require the installation and connection of utilities. Mobility of structures allows to use in any premises. The downside is that they are by size not suitable for families with a large number of people.
  • Stationary. These types include powder-cluset and electric bio-toilet. These options require a separate room, a drainage and ventilation device. And in the second case, you still need to connect to electricity.

Data for system selection

In order to determine the appropriate facility for a toilet, you must ask yourself a number of questions:

  • Is the construction of a separate room, or is it ready? In the second case, it is important to know the size of the toilet.
  • Is the structure provided with a constant supply of water?
  • Is there an electrical connection?
  • Is it possible to complete the construction of a sewage system, which will then be possible to service with the help of specialized companies?
  • The amount of waste.
  • What financial opportunities are there to purchase equipment and its services?

From the data obtained, one of the above models can be selected. To determine the choice, it is worth considering options for facilities for latrines

Kinds of buildings for toilet rooms

Allocate the following points:

  • Provide a separate room in the holiday home. This is typical for fairly large structures. What is interesting about this option? In the cold times of the year, you do not need to run to the toilet on the street when you need it and freeze. If the house has a constant supply of water and electricity, you can create comfort both in urban housing, having built a complete sewerage unit.
  • Provide a room in the outbuildings. As a rule, it consists of a barn, a shower, a restroom. Usually, he gets cold and the shower is warmed, in the cooler season it does not help.
  • Dressing cab for a summer residence. It can be made of bricks, wood, or it may be a ready-made plastic structure. Usually place it away from the main structure.

Any of these facilities can be built-in anytoilet for giving without smell and pumping. To definitively decide the choice, it is worth to consider each species in detail. And also the stages of installation and fineness of operation.

Chemical bio-toilet

For such toilets, it is important to choose the right capacity for sewage.

Toilet size
Inside the structure are two containers. The top is filled with scented water, used for draining. The lower one is designed for waste collection and processing. It is filled with a chemical compound that processes impurities. Itself is easy to use, but should be located away from the cooking and dining area.

As chemical reagents use threetype of formulations: formaldehyde, ammonium, biological. The first two can not be poured into the soil or cesspool, because they are toxic. The composition of biological fluids includes stamps of living bacteria. This is an eco-friendly composition, the decomposition products can be used as fertilizer in the future.

Such systems are most often issued in portableoption. Do not require connection to water and electricity. Flushing is carried out by means of a pump, which can be a piston, pump, electric (on batteries).

Chemical biotoilets - for and against

Plus such equipment is that it can be placed anywhere. It does not require the installation of local sewerage, cesspool and ventilation.

Minus is an expensive service. You will often have to buy reagents. And one more drawback, it is most often used toxic preparations, and therefore, you need to think about how to drain the recycled waste.


The principle of operation is based on the separation of impurities intosolid and liquid. Such designs require a fixed installation, arrangement of the ventilation duct and drainage system. Liquid waste is removed through the drainage either to the cesspool or to the soil. But the solid is dried using an electric fan. After that, the container with the received weight should be emptied. It is possible in the compost pile. For elimination of "aromas" forced ventilation is used. Cons - the cost of electricity during operation, fixed installation with ventilation and drainage equipment.


It is also called a peat or Finnish toilet for dacha. One of the most interesting species.

Does not require a cesspool device, while it is a source of fertilizer.

The product itself looks like a normal toilet. In the place where the drain tank is located, a container for peat is placed. After each visit, with the help of a mechanical handle, the sewage is impregnated with a layer of filler.

toilets for summer residence reviews
In the case of a large amount of liquid waste,it will be necessary to install a drainage system, if the amount is small, the peat powder will easily cope with the processing. The resulting mass is used as an organic fertilizer. If you want to buy a toilet for a dutch without smell and pumping, then - this is one of the most worthy options.

The powder-cluset composition includes ventilation,accumulator for waste, capacity for peat, seat and lid of toilet bowl, body, hose for drainage of liquid. The design is quite simple, so the installation for this type of equipment is simple.

toilet cabin for summer residence
The operation also does not call for additionalissues. In the event that the waste collection container is large, it is discharged with the wheels, which facilitates the delivery to the discharge point of the recycled mass. To accommodate the system, a separate room in the house and a toilet cubicle for a dacha are suitable.

Peculiarities of installation of powder-closet

Toilet sizes should be calculated beforebuilding, focusing on the selected model. As a rule, the area does not exceed 2 square meters. m. The structure must be removed 25 meters from the pond and 1 meter from the fence. In order to rid yourself of the smell from future ventilation, you should take into account the wind rose.

Initially, the foundation is laid. You can use the simplest option - brick columnar. Next, they mount lags, arrange the floor. The carcass is assembled from the timber, it is covered with wood, the roof can be covered with slate. It is important to provide openings for natural light, ventilation, drainage system. You can buy the door ready or mount it yourself.

Next, a powder-closet is installed and venting, drainage is output.

the best peat toilet for summer residence
The peat mixture is poured into a suitable container and the complex is ready for operation.

Advantages and disadvantages of powdered closet

The first thing to note is that this optiontoilet fully meets the name of the toilet for giving without smell and pumping, and accordingly, has a number of advantages over other analogues. The reviews note the following advantages:

  • It does not require a drainage device, andaccordingly it will not be necessary to buy a means for cesspools, to do periodic pumping. Accordingly, the costs are reduced not only for construction, but also for further maintenance of this facility.
  • A peat mixture for such a system is inexpensive, and the resulting mass is a quality fertilizer. Hence partial savings on fertilizers.
  • Easy and affordable installation, easy operation.
  • No connection to water and electricity is required.
  • In cold weather, it is not subject to freezing due to lack of water in the system.

Proceeding from the above advantages, it can be argued that powdered closets are the cheapest toilets for dachas.

Finnish toilet for summer residence
The only drawback of these complexes, judging byreviews, is the installation of ventilation. But one minus more than overlap with positive characteristics. Moreover, these are the most recommended toilets for dachas. Reviews of numerous consumers say that they were satisfied with this kit.

So, we found out what kind of toilets are for the dacha and what features they have. Everyone can choose the most suitable option for himself.

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