Fire gates belong to one of thethe most popular and often used types of fire barriers. They are able to prevent the spread of fire during a fire. In addition, they prevent unauthorized access and participate in the design of houses, facilities for different purposes and territories adjacent to them.

fire extinguishing gates

A variety of fireproof gates

They come in the following types: recoiling, lifting and sectional and swinging. The fire resistance of all types of doors is achieved by the fact that they are made of a special fire-resistant material or are treated with fire-resistant means.

sectional fire-prevention gates

Reclining fireproof gates

This type of fire gate has oneunquestionable dignity - they save a lot of useful space. When you open the gate, the gate rolls back along the fence and frees you completely into the yard (they do not have the height restrictions).

Fire extinguishing gates by design type can be of 2 types:

  • Single-leaf gates that can be openedalong the doorway in any direction. This will significantly save space inside or outside the building. This type of gate is often put in production.
  • Double-wing sliding gates fire-prevention,Opening along the opening in different directions. This type along the entire perimeter of the door is equipped with additional seals to prevent the penetration of smoke and other combustion products into the building. In addition, they perform thermal insulation functions. In this regard, in enterprises that have an increased fire hazard and greater intensity of movements, double-leaf fireproof doors become an indispensable element.

Main functions of sliding gates

This type of fire door performs the following functions:

  • Protective. Gate - a perfect protection of the premises from penetration by unauthorized persons.
  • Thermal insulation. They are able to keep heat in the room and do not let it go out.
  • Fire-fighting. This function prevents the spread of fire.
  • Evacuation. When the doors are opened, a large opening opens, allowing people to evacuate unhindered from this room. In addition, the opening gives firemen free access to the fire.

Sectional fireproof gates

Fireproof sectional doors are practically nothave differences from conventional sectional. The only distinguishing feature is the filler located inside the panels. In some - foam polyurethane foam, which has a high density, and in others - basalt mineral wool, which has fireproof properties (it does not lend itself to burning and does not melt, does not allow smoke, has a low value of thermal conductivity).

Product design

On the perimeter of this type of gate is locatedA special sealing profile, which is made of non-flammable material. This ensures tight fit and sealing of the opening. It has a special sealing lobe, which ensures a tight fit of the web and the opening to each other.

Scope of application

As a rule, this type of gate is installed in thewhere there is a possibility of an emergency situation with fire, which means that there will be a need for urgent evacuation of personnel, protection of material assets and prompt elimination of a fire. Fireproof sectional doors are designed to protect from smoke and fire, in order to prevent them from spreading. They are built in the opening of the premises in production facilities, in various shops, in drying, in foundry and smelting facilities, and so on.

fire extinguishing gates

Swing gates fireproof

They are installed in any places. They are characterized by ease of operation and maintenance, high reliability and durability. Their only drawback is that they need a sufficient amount of space to open them, which can be carried out both inside and towards the street.

Fire gates are often equipped with a fire door, which opens just like the gate itself.

fire extinguishing gates

A separate category of structures of the sweep type -fireproof metal gates. For their external registration special metal plates are used, which are distinguished by their high strength.

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