Recently, automatic swing gateshave acquired extraordinary popularity among buyers. This is due to the fact that they are easy to use, and also provide minimal participation of the person himself in the process of opening and closing. Automatic swing gates are created with the use of high-quality automation, allowing them to open through a remote control, so that the driver does not even leave his car. In this case, the use of such devices is extremely convenient due to the fact that you will not fall under the snow, rain, since there is absolutely no need to leave your car.

Automatic swing gates
Such systems have been used for a long time. Their operation is very convenient, they do not require the use of a transverse beam, as is the case with traditional roll-over gates. There is no need to organize a smooth asphalt covering, as the swing gates do not automatically touch the floor.

Installation of such systems is sufficientquickly, and the design is relatively simple. The main requirement that is imposed for their installation is the availability of necessary space at the entrance. With the selection of the model usually there is no problem, as they can swing open in any direction. To ensure the opening of the gate equipped with a pair of electric drives, which are attached to each leaf. Here it is necessary to say that the drives can be hidden, lever or linear. The selection of a specific one is carried out depending on the operating conditions. Automatic swing gates are most often installed using linear drives, so it is possible to provide an excellent appearance and the highest level of functionality.

Automatic swing gates
For the installation of such systems (in the first place)It is required to form axes designed to fasten the doors to them. They can be made in the form of concrete or brick pillars, able to withstand the weight of the structure, which usually reaches several tons. Automatic gates can be opened in several ways: by means of a key-button or by means of a portable console.

Automatic gate swinging
In terms of design of this type of construction there is nothere are no restrictions, because there is allowed a wide range of variations that depend solely on the user's taste and financial capabilities. Traditionally, the doors are made of metal, which allows not only long-term maintenance, but also a sufficient level of security for the tenants of the house.

Automatic swing gates are able to becomethe most reliable protection of any home. They not only provide quality opening and closing, but also the safety of property. Still our ancestors used the usual swing gates, and now they became automatic, which gave them even more functionality. Qualitatively executed design will always ensure the proper level of safety of your home.

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