Day of the city of Omsk - a feast beloved by all the townspeople. He, undoubtedly, is one of the most long-awaited events of every year.

Day of the city Omsk

Festive program

What day is the city in Omsk? There is no unambiguous answer to this question, since the holiday is celebrated on the day that falls on the first Saturday of August. Therefore, the date of the celebration is different every year. As for the festive events, there are both traditional cultural events that take place every year, as well as parts of the program that take place only on a certain anniversary of the city's existence.

One of the annual events on this day isa parade of sailing yachts at the confluence of the two great Siberian rivers Irtysh and Omi. In it take part, both professionals of this sport, and young students of sports sections. During the parade of the Irtysh River, up to the very horizon, it is filled with colorful sails. Sometimes, within the framework of this event, the crew of the famous yacht Siberia goes to the next voyage.

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Music events

At concert venues organized under theopen air in the parks and squares of the city, as well as in the historic center all day performances of musical groups of the city continue. On the birthday of the city of Omsk, music soloists and musical groups such as virtuoso guitarist Timur Timirbaev, accordion ensemble "Muset", folk instruments orchestra "Lad", rock band Pine Ridge, soloists of the Omsk Philharmonic Society and many others usually bring their musical congratulations to their favorite city. other representatives of the Omsk music scene.

What day is the city in Omsk?

Every year on this day a festival of author's songs is held at the Tarski Gate. Omsk authors, performers and bards from other cities of the country perform here.

Fanfares over Irtysh

In recent years, on Omsk City Day,hosts a festival of brass bands. This holiday of unusual music opens with a defile, which is demonstrated by each of the participants of this event.

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After that, the musicians of the orchestras paradefrom the Cathedral Square along Lenin Street and cross Om on the Jubilee Bridge. At this parade of bands ends and a gala concert begins, in which all the bands participating in the parade perform with a 2-hour concert program. Sometimes the scene at which the concert takes place is located near the monument to Lenin, and sometimes on the Left bank of Omi, while the spectators are located on the right bank of the slope. This arrangement of the scene is very successful, as the spectators have the opportunity to admire the passing small boats to the sounds of beautiful music.

The sound of bands and musical genres thatthey present to the court of spectators during the celebration of the City Day of Omsk, amaze with their diversity. Here you can see the incendiary performances of the only Russian pop-dancing "Uralbend" orchestra and listen to the throaty singing accompanied by a brass band from the Republic of Tyva, combining in its compositions incongruous, at first glance, elements.

Unique Events

Some events held on City DayOmsk, are unique events, as they are held only once and are not announced in the mass media. So once in the late nineties several dozen townspeople who walked on the territory of the Omsk fortress happened to visit the basement, where several centuries ago there was a powder storehouse. This room was open to visit only that day. Usually the entrance for ordinary citizens there is closed. The warehouse is visited only by excursions with distinguished guests. Among such guests was at the end of the last century Solzhenitsyn and a number of other cultural figures.

Another remarkable event from among those thathappen not every day, and not even every year, occurred on the Day of the city of Omsk in 2016. Then the interior of the Tarski Gate was opened for visitors. A narrow staircase in two spans, located in the column column, leads to a medium-sized hall with small windows overlooking Tarskaya Street, which is located above the gate arch. In this room there is a small museum with exhibits from the history of the city of Omsk.

Omsk Theater

Sometimes on the Day of the City of Omsk a festival is heldstreet theaters. This event, as a rule, is of great interest, both for the youngest viewers and for the adult part of the audience. Comic rooms with clowns, eccentric musical numbers, games with townspeople cause a lot of positive emotions among numerous visitors.

Bright holiday finale

Among the annual solemn eventscelebrating the Day of the city of Omsk can be called a festive fireworks, which is launched from one or several barges, anchored closer to the left bank of the Irtysh. Usually it starts at ten or eleven in the evening and lasts 10-20 minutes. At the end of this colorful fire action, buses of special routes, which take visitors to different parts of the city, are served at public transport stops, within walking distance from the embankment.

birthday of the city of Omsk

Annually on the Day of the city of Omsk the number of festiveactivities exceeds a hundred units. The brightest of them remain in the memory of residents and guests for a long time. Last year, Omsk celebrated its 300th birthday. This anniversary of the city was one of the most grandiose holidays in its history. The celebration that was expected for a long time, and which, no doubt, justified these expectations.

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