Flying ball is a real breakthrough in the world"Smart" toys. That's what you can entertain a child or have fun yourself. "Helicopter in a cage" - sometimes called a toy - seems to have conquered all the laws of physics and caused a truly tsunami of curiosity between children and adults.

flying ball
The main advantage of the product company SpinMaster is its independence from radio-controlled consoles and installations. Due to the ultrasensitive sensor sensor inside the toy, the flying sphere (Flying Sphere) is controlled by the movement of the hands. Particularly fascinating is the group play of children who can throw the ball to each other without touching it.


Externally flying ball is a frameThe spherical shape, inside which the propeller is located. The case is made of soft plastic of high quality. The toy is reliably protected from external damages and clothing items inside the case. The diameter of the flying sphere is 12 cm. On sale it is presented in a wide color assortment (blue, red, green, orange).

The sphere is flying at a fairly high speed, thatalways causes delight in the kids and the alarm of their parents. However, the latter is not worth it. Thanks to ultra-sensitive sensors and a gyro, the toy easily maneuvers between objects, avoiding collision with them. In addition, the weight of Flying Sphere is very small (84 g). Even with an accidental collision, it will not leave any abrasions or bruises on the child's body.

It works this miracle toy from simple batteries. Their user purchases separately (4 pieces). There are models using a USB-cord for charging toys.

flying ball flying sphere

The kit includes a special installation -base-launch. In order for the toy to be ready for virtuosic flights, it is necessary to insert the batteries and "land" the sphere on the stand by turning on the "On" button. Now you can launch a flying ball into action and juggle it, as you like: with your head, hands, shoulders or feet. He will execute any air torch at will of the user.


In the air, the flying ball of Flying Sphere can be about 10 minutes.

To control the flying sphere, no special devices are required. Trajectory and height can be set by the movement of hands and change them during the flight.

Flying Sphere flying ball is equipped with illumination. Therefore, at night it can not be lost sight of. Moreover, the game turns into a real galactic show.

"Smart" toy is equally easy to use indoors and outdoors. It safely overcomes any obstacles on the way.

Ways to play

Flying Balloon Instruction
Use of the flying sphere in the active modeperhaps in several ways. It can be managed by one person (child or adult). To master this does not require special knowledge and skills. A couple of minutes are enough to understand how the flying ball works. Instructions for use and manipulation of the toy is also included to avoid any technical overlap.

A game with a flying sphere can happen in pairschild with a parent. This option can be called developing. Since an adult can explain to his child the principle of the work of toys and reveal the secrets of her device. And also demonstrate the capabilities of the flying ball and cause even greater interest in the child.

The most fascinating option may begroup game of children with Flying Sphere. Tossing without touching a flying ball is unusual in appearance, with a bright colored body and backlighting causing uncontrollable delight in the kids.

Practical benefits

In addition to technical simplicity, safety anda burning interest that can trigger a flying ball, user reviews point to the developing side of the toy. In an entertaining entertaining process the child acquires certain knowledge and skills in the field of physics, aerodynamics.

The flying ball in the active state forms aroundthe electromagnetic field, thanks to which it captures the slightest movements of a person when controlling it. This principle is the basis of electromagnetism, which will also become cognitive for the baby.

The high speed of the flying ball makes the child correspond with vigorous movements and attentiveness, than develops dexterity and an eye in the child, improves the coordination of his movements.

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About the manufacturer

The development of a unique flying ball belongs tothe largest Canadian company Spin Master (brand). It was founded in 1994 and has created a lot of interactive, developing devices for active recreation of children. However, the production of a number of "smart" toys is no less interesting for adults.

The first known product of the company was EarthBuddy is a funny head-grass. Sky Shark (also Air Hogs line) - a compressed air plane inside - marked a new stage in the company's development and its entrance into the big world of the toy industry.

Today, Spin Master is also creatingmultimedia products, computer games and game consoles. All products of the company are of high quality, stylish design and safe for active use.

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