Future mom is looking forward to the birth ofyour child. The main thing that worries her throughout pregnancy is that the baby is born healthy. Therefore, even the most indifferent to their health people begin to carefully monitor it. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that any disease suffered by a mother can affect a child's health. The coldest in the 2nd trimester is considered to be the most dangerous. Why is that? Now we'll figure it out.

Second trimester

This period of pregnancy, from 13 to 24 weeks,is considered the most important stage for the correct development of the fetus. It is in the second trimester that the internal organs begin to form in the child. Only in the middle of this period the fetus is completely protected from infections by the placental barrier.

37 temperature during pregnancy in the second trimester

Women, as a rule, at this time enjoyhis position. Toxicosis and headaches have passed, and the stomach is not yet so large as to cause discomfort. However, the changes that occur in the female body during the second trimester can not go unnoticed and can manifest itself in the form of temperature.

37 ° - temperature during pregnancy in the second trimester: features

It's no secret that the normal temperaturethe human body is 36.6 ° C. A special department of the brain is responsible for maintaining and changing it. In inflammatory processes, it receives a signal. Then the temperature begins to change.

However, not only can theinflammation, but also the level of progesterone. The latter begins to rise during pregnancy. Therefore, a temperature of 37 ° without symptoms in a woman in the second trimester is not a cause for concern. But in cases when the increase causes a feeling of discomfort, the expectant mother should definitely seek the advice of a specialist.

Causes of temperature increase

Most common are colds. Despite the fact that in the second trimester the fetus is under the protection of the placenta, the development and progression of viral diseases can have irreversible consequences.

Inflammatory processes occurring in the bodypregnant women, can cause oxygen starvation of the fetus and premature birth of the baby. It is at this time that the fetus begins to form a nervous system, and any infection can affect this process. As a result, the child will be very nervous and restless. The most vulnerable moment is 23 weeks, when the fetal neural tube is just beginning to form.

temperature 37 without symptoms in women

During pregnancy, the woman's immunityis significantly reduced. After all, the organism of the future mother perceives the fetus as a foreign body, and if the immunity remained the same, then the opportunity to settle down with the fetal egg would simply not exist. In this regard, a woman in the period of bearing a baby becomes very vulnerable.

Because the temperature is above 37 ° during pregnancyis a good reason to call a doctor. ARI and ARVI are accompanied by increased excretion of moisture from the body. If this does not stop in time, then a miscarriage may occur.

Also, a frequent cause is infectious diseases. In the second trimester, the burden on the kidneys increases significantly. Therefore the probability of getting into the body of an infection increases.

Ectopic pregnancy is another reason

Ectopic pregnancy is also usually accompanied by an increase in body temperature. Such a diagnosis is usually made at an earlier time of pregnancy.

But it is better to undergo an additional examination. After all, increasing the temperature often indicates infection in the body. In order not to harm the body, it is better to be safe.

Temperature due to overheating

If the second trimester fell out for the summer, then thiscause can become basic. The temperature of 37 ° without symptoms in a woman is often associated with overheating. Cope with this reason is quite simple, you need to avoid a large crowd of people, stuffy rooms and always before going out into the street (in the summer), put on a hat, and also need to bring a bottle of still water.

How to bring down the temperature?

If the temperature does not exceed 37 ° C, then shoot downit is not necessary. The organism can overcome it by itself, it just needs time. And 37 ° (temperature during pregnancy in the second trimester) is also no exception. To begin struggle against the given illness follows after a mark on a thermometer will show 37,8 ° С.

However, to stay idle in this situation is also notnecessary. After all, the body gives you a signal. The main thing is to remember that the use of many medications and herbal doses during pregnancy is simply contraindicated. Therefore, most expectant mothers are asked questions: "How to get rid of the fact that the temperature rose 37 ° during pregnancy? What to do in this situation? "

temperature above 37 in pregnancy

Let's start with the fact that, first of all, it is necessaryventilate the room. Then you need to increase the consumption of warm liquid. Fruit and berry compotes and herbal decoctions, unless they are contraindicated, will help increase sweating, which will help reduce the temperature.

What can not be done?

Many women think that it is necessary to wearWarm woolen socks and lie down under a duvet or even better - before it is properly to get your feet stuck. This is the main error. Because these actions will only raise the temperature. And in general, soar to the feet of pregnant women is forbidden even with good health.

tea with raspberries during pregnancy

Destructive for the fetus may behabitual for many wiping with alcohol. This method really helps to lower the temperature. But when pregnancy is not worth it. Harmful substances and impurities contained in vodka and alcohol solution penetrate the skin into the body of a woman and can affect the development of the fetus.


If 37 ° (temperature during pregnancy in the secondtrimester) not only do not subside, but also start to grow, it is necessary to take antipyretic drugs. One of them when carrying a child is Paracetamol, but it should not take more than one tablet a day.

cold in the 2nd trimester

Tablets "Analgin", "Aspirin" and "Nurofen" withpregnancy is contraindicated. Why? The drug "Aspirin" can cause uterine bleeding and lead to miscarriage. The reception of "Analgin" tablets disrupts the formation of the fetal cardiovascular system. And the drug "Nurofen" helps to reduce the size of the uterus. And this can lead to premature birth or fetal death.

Folk methods

If the temperature increases during pregnancyis still due to a viral disease, and not a consequence of the woman's interesting situation, it is best to fight it with the help of traditional medicine.

Runny nose leads to a lack of oxygen in the fetus. A strong cough not only causes oxygen starvation, but also leads the uterus into tone. And this is also very harmful for the child. Nasal drugs and other medications can only exacerbate the situation, but you can not take any action either. Here, just come to the rescue grandmother's recipes.

These include:

  • Abundant drink. For example: lime decoction, compote or fruit rose morsel, tea with raspberries during pregnancy. The last drink is a very effective remedy. The main thing is that the berry should not be subjected to heat treatment. After all, then it will lose all its properties. It is better if it is freshly frozen or in its own juice.

Week 23

  • Cold compresses.
  • Gargling. There are many recipes for this. Therefore, everyone can choose a more convenient option for themselves. For example: infusion of chamomile, soda and honey (for this purpose a teaspoon of soda and honey is diluted in a glass of hot water), saline solution (a glass of water - half a teaspoon of sea salt).
  • Rinse the nasopharynx with a saline solution. For 1 liter of warm water - a spoonful of salt, cooked or sea.


The most important thing: you can not bear illness on your feet. Be sure to observe bed rest. You need to think about enjoying and enjoying the moment. Drink tea with a raspberry at pregnancy, having covered with a warm blanket. Rest more. After all, when a baby appears in the world, you will not be able to lie down like that.

However, before using anymeans, not especially important, folk or medical, you need to consult a specialist beforehand. Since even the most common herbal collection can affect the further development of the fetus.

temperature 37 at pregnancy what to do

It is worth highlighting the next point. Particular attention to their health in the second trimester should be given to women waiting for girls. Since it is during this period, the formation of eggs. And if you have not yet come 23 weeks, and the infection of the future mother's body, it can threaten the baby with infertility. In this case, you need to contact the doctor right away so that he can prescribe the appropriate treatment.


A woman expecting a baby is bound toto be aware of all the responsibilities incumbent upon it. Now she is responsible not only for herself, but also for her future child. 37 ° (temperature during pregnancy in the second trimester) without any additional symptoms, although they are the norm, should not be left without attention. After all, every woman in the situation needs a special approach. Because what is the norm for one, for another can cause a pathology in the child.

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