The Aquaphor filters are systems,designed for water filtration of flow type. The resource of his work is 7000 liters, the operating time without the replacement of filtering components about one year. The maximum filtration rate is 1L / minute.

The design of Aquaphor uses water purificationbirch activated carbon in combination with a natural ion exchanger and a sorbent-a zeolite mineral. In the design of the filter, this mineral acts as a mechanical filter and a water softener. Aquafor has a built-in magnet that additionally softens the water and makes it biologically active. To suppress the growth of microorganisms activated carbon, which is part of the filter impregnated with a solution of silver nitrate.

In the design of Aquaphor filters, allThe best that nature uses to clean water. Zeolite is both an adsorbent and an ion exchanger, contributes not only to the removal of harmful substances from the water, but also to the introduction into the water of the useful groups of ions that are contained in it. These ions have a positive effect on the health and general condition of a person. To harmful impurities in the water, you can include bacteria, viruses, various salts of heavy metals, various kinds of mechanical impurities and chemical compounds that have a harmful effect on the human body.

On the properties that an activatedCoal, probably, everyone knows. Almost every person during his life had to take a medical drug called carbolen. This medication is one hundred percent composed of purified activated carbon. This medication is prescribed to adsorb and remove from the body harmful substances, toxins, various chemical compounds and even some microbes that for various reasons get inside the human body. Often the cause of such harmful to human penetration becomes water of poor quality. It is to protect your body from such problems with water and created a filter Aquaphor.

For the manufacture of a filter element inThe design of the Aquaphor filter, especially if it is a nozzle on the tap, uses not simple activated carbon, but charcoal with special impregnation with silver nitrate. Mankind has known from time to time the influence of silver atoms on water. In the past, people made legends about the effect on the human body of water taken from silver sources. These legends are not accidental. Weak solutions of silver nitrate have long been used in medicine for the treatment of viral and bacterial infections, in addition they are used in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers. The fact is that one of the causes of these diseases is bacterial infection with pyloric helicobacteria, and solutions of silver nitrate act on these bacteria in a harmful way, improving the body.

The permanent magnet, which is part of the filter design, has an additional beneficial effect on the human body.

All the parameters of the filter operation are calculated in such a way that it can function normally, purifying city-quality water, which is previously subjected to purification at treatment plants.