Happy owners of wrist watches can see on the back cover or bracelet various inscriptions in English. Very few people know what they mean. Often people think that the inscription on the watch stainless steel back water resistant - this is an indication of the manufacturer. They are fundamentally wrong. Let's see what the most common inscriptions on the watches of different brands mean.

clock back stainless

Steel back stainless watches: how it translates

Currently for making watchesdifferent materials are used. It can be plastic, brass, alloy, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics, platinum, gold or silver. On separate elements of the mechanism the manufacturer can mark, from what they are made.

The inscription steel stainless means that whenThe watch was made of stainless steel. As a rule, it is an alloy of iron and chromium 316L, which is known for its practicality, aesthetic appearance, resistance to damage and anti-corrosion properties.

The steel back stainless watches made of 316L alloy have only a back cover. If stainless steel is made of the whole body, the watch should have the designation all stainless steel.

What are the advantages of stainless steel back watches

Watches with stainless steel body have a number of advantages:

  • strength;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • no impact on the accuracy of the stroke.

This material is used by famous Swiss and Japanese brands. However, steel has its drawbacks. This is quite a high cost and considerable weight.

In stainless steel stainless watches in addition to stainlesssteel is used brass. This material is much cheaper, fairly firm, but after 5 years it can become unusable due to corrosion, oxidation, mechanical damage. In addition, it causes irritation on the skin.

The rear wall of stainless steel is an excellent way out. Such watches are simultaneously strong, hypoallergenic, but at the same time the price for them is much lower, and the body is lighter.

Water resistant

stainless steel back water resistant

Often on the watch steel back stainless there is stillone inscription: water resistant. From English it is translated as "waterproof". However, do not rush to grab the scuba gear and dive together with the clock into the sea abyss. Pay attention to the level of protection.

  • 30 m or 3 bar. The clock will not break if you get into them under the rain or accidentally drip with water, but it's better not to experiment.
  • 50 m or 5 bar. They can not be removed when taking a bath or washing hands. They can not withstand water.
  • 100 m or 10 bar. You can take it to the pool, but for professional sports do not suit.
  • 200 m or 20 bar. Excellent fit for a diver or Olympic champion in swimming.

Before buying a watch, carefully study their labeling. It will be able to tell you about many things even when the instruction from the mechanism is lost.

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