To solve riddles fun, interesting andinformative. Riddles about a snake, for example, can teach a lot to children. In addition to the skills to find distinctive and common features between objects, the child must understand that among the reptiles there are safe creatures and poisonous ones.

Simple riddles about the snake in prose

Usually such questions contain comparisons andopposition. For example, there are such riddles about the snake: "Long and thin, but not rope, creeps along the ground, but not a worm, hiss, but not a hedgehog, small, and it can be deadly bitten!"

riddles about the snake

More adult children who already understandthe difference between a harmless snake and a poisonous snake, you can suggest puzzles, where these reptiles are compared with each other. Such riddles about the snake will bring practical benefit to the baby. Having met in nature with a snake, he no longer runs in terror from him. But it becomes cautious if it does not find yellow spots on the head of a crawling creature.

Nelya confused horror and poisonous snake

In riddles of this type, one should not compare the reptile with the rope and the worm. The author of the encrypted question faces a different task. Therefore, you can suggest about this option.

So similar to the horror,

The hedgehog is afraid.

Head without stain -

Poisonous it!

This riddle about the snake for children except for externalThe differences contain one more important information. From it you can find out that hedgehogs are enemies of reptiles. Consequently, seeing a prickly little prickly predator somewhere, the baby will not harm him.

About how dangerous snakes are, reminds the children a riddle with a rhyming answer at the end.

Here is a rope crawling,

He even opens his mouth,

From it, the tongue is two-tailed!

"And it does not matter that you are tall -

Run away! - I will say so. -

If it's not really ... ...! "

Questions for the quiz

In cognition with riddles can notEven the fairy tales compete, because in the latter there is often unreliable information. For example, Bazhov describes the ability of the Blue Snake to give people gold. And there are tales in which the snake is an enchanted princess.

riddle about a snake for children

In riddles, however, there must be an exceptionally truthfulinformation. For example, the child will be interested to know that many reptiles lay eggs, from which then cubs appear. Only nests, these cold-blooded creatures suit either in the sand or on the ground.

"Who lays eggs, eats slugs and frogs, does not feed their cubs, and, defending, can bite the victim, which in some cases leads to the death of the bitten?"

Of course, such questions are more suitable for school quizzes. But children from the senior preschool group can easily cope with them.

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