About "transitional age" heard almost everythingparents. And many are afraid of his offensive, since it is widely believed that children in the pubertal period become uncontrollable, problems arise in their behavior. It should be noted that with the right approach to education and attention from adults, it is possible to soften the transition of the child to adolescence.

To begin with it is necessary to note physicalChanges that occur in the child during puberty. It takes this time for 10-14 years. However, figures can vary in any direction, and there are no deviations (of course, within reasonable limits), as everyone has his own individual development.

In large quantities in the body beginto develop sex hormones, which are the cause of the changes characteristic of this age. If we talk about boys, then the main hormone is testosterone. Sexual development of them occurs as follows. Initially, the testicles are enlarged, and the genitalia is hairy. At the age of about 13 years, the voice changes (otherwise they say "breaks"). It becomes coarser. The process of becoming a male voice can last up to two years. Then the intensive growth begins, the hair appears on the face.

Often in the pubertal period, suchproblems like excessive sweating, acne or acne on the face and entire body. Help to get rid of them enhanced hygiene and some cosmetics.

Girls in the body at this age beginsactively develop estrogen, which affects the development of secondary sexual characteristics and general maturation. The growth of the mammary glands, most often, is due to heredity and ends by 17-19 years. After a strong jump in growth, menstruation begins. At first they can be irregular and painful. In case the pain is too strong, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

The psychology of a teenager of 14 years is not as simple asseems at first sight. Physical maturation affects the general condition of the child, and the excess of hormones - on his emotional sphere. Quite often, children of this age become aggressive, disobedient, study is pushed into the background, the main value is communication.

Adults, whose children entered the "transition age"you need to be very attentive to your children. It is important not to miss the moment and tell the teenager about puberty and the relationship between a man and a woman. After all, what he learns on the street from friends, can be misunderstood to them very much, as a result of which the appearance of psychological problems may appear in the future.

In the pubertal period, most children seekto independence and independence. This explains their rebellious and contradictory behavior. Do not limit the freedom of a teenager too much, even if negative actions were noticed behind him, it can only hurt. It is necessary to understand that the grown up child is already quite an independent person and it is necessary to communicate with him on an equal footing. It is parents who should become best friends during this period, because only in this way it is possible to control the behavior of their children.

Sexual development of girls begins the muteearlier than boys. This is one of the reasons why girls are beginning to strive for older companies. Even if adults are afraid of the negative consequences of this, it is not necessary to strictly forbid to be friends with someone. Every action, be it a ban on something or permission, needs to be argued. After all, it is during this period that adolescents are very sensitive to such concepts as honesty, justice, friendship, love, and try in many ways to imitate the adults who surround them, ranking themselves to them.

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