There is a strong heat, everyone wants to leavestuffy apartment, hide in a cool supermarket or lie on the beach. However, if you have a pet, you need to think about it, because he will most likely have to spend time at home waiting for your return. Let's take a look at how the puppy behaves in the heat, because that's what can become the key to understanding whether he feels normal. A dog can not say anything, which means that you will have to be more observant.

how the puppy behaves in the heat

Disease or normal body reaction?

Talking about how the puppy behaves in the heat,it should be remembered that any animal reacts to heat approximately the same way. In wildlife and zoos, the whole biological rhythm obeys one rule: in the daytime, in intense heat, animals move little, hide from the sun, do not hunt and do not feed. This applies to our pets. If you have a good air conditioner at home, then you will not notice the difference, the only advice from veterinarians: carry out walks in the early morning and late evening.

Very worried about how the puppy behaves in the heat,Those who decided to take it with them to rest, where 24 hours a day will have to be under the open sky. In this case, you will need to find him a safe shelter from the sun (in the shade of the trees) so that he can rest peacefully there. Be sure to ask advice from your veterinarian, he will tell you how the puppy behaves in the heat, and what points can be considered the norm.

Signs that the puppy is suffering

A small miracle ceases to play. The puppy is most often slaughtered under the bed, in the bathroom, in the storeroom, where it's less hot. If your pet also refuses the favorite delicacy, then there is reason to be seriously worried. Not knowing how the puppy behaves in the heat, you will most likely assume that he is dangerously ill, and begin self-treatment or take you to the vet. In this case, it will be better to wait until the evening: the heat will subside, and your pet will necessarily have a good dinner. But if, by the night, he refused to eat and drink water, then urgent measures must be taken.

how dogs behave in the heat

Feeding the dog in the heat

How dogs behave in the heat is due tophysiological causes. The temperature of their bodies is much higher than ours, about 39 degrees, while the boundary at 41-42 degrees is fatal, the blood clots and the animal dies. If a person raises the temperature by one degree from the heat, it's not scary. If the same happens to the dog, the consequences may be different. Therefore, taking a pet to an outdoor beach is not safe.

But now we will talk about nutrition. How dogs behave in the heat is a biological program that allows you to survive. But the owner can greatly undermine the health of the pet, trying to feed her under all conditions. Veterinarians say that in the heat the dog should receive only ready balanced feed, that is, canned food or dry food. The heat provokes the development of intestinal infections, which means that your pet is constantly under threat. Moreover, the owners often do not observe basic security themselves, treating the dog raw meat, just bought in the market, without even scalding it with boiling water. Consider that if the dog receives domestic feed (porridge, dairy products, meat), all this it should eat in 30 minutes. All the remaining must be thrown out. The habit of owners to leave food in a dog's bowl (starving - eating) leads to severe consequences.

in the heat of the dog little pee

Exacerbation of chronic diseases

It is known that in the heat of the dog little pee. This again is due to biological laws: water needs to be saved, survival depends on it. However, painful and difficult urination can indicate that your pet has a problem with the genitourinary system. It is in the summer is its aggravation. Therefore, we can not ignore the fact that dogs write very little in the heat, but if you see blood clots in your urine and the animal experiences severe pain, you should see a doctor.

The first sign, which is worth drawingattention, is the smell change. The emerging sharp aroma is an accurate indicator of the fact that the body is not all right. However, the owners often think that the pet is just sweating. A healthy animal never smells of a dog. In the heat, many latent, chronic septic ailments become aggravated. This inflammation of the uterus and kidney disease, chronic cystitis and heart failure. Therefore, do the correct treatment.

how puppies suffer a heat

How to protect your pet from the heat

Since puppies carry the heat heavier thanadult dogs, you must first think about them, especially if you are planning a trip to the sea. Most owners decide to take the animal on vacation with them, since there is no one to leave it for. It's not bad, especially if the pet has skin diseases. Sea air and water contribute to healing. However, this applies to the sea coast, if you go to ponds and lakes located near industrial cities, it is best not to let the dog to the water. Ulcers and dermatophytes, mites and itching - that's what the dogs are then taken to the clinic.

To your baby quietly playing during the day, you needprotect it from direct sunlight. To do this, you'll have to sew some semblance of a swimsuit at home. It can be a paperclip on the back, on elastic bands, and also a hat-panamka. Very often, both panama and pommel are pierced from below with a thin foam rubber and sprayed with water. Thanks to the evaporation the animal is not so hot. Many owners ask if it is possible to pour a dog in the heat. Yes, but not ice water, as from a garden hose, but a little stale.

 can the dog get the temperature from the heat

Water procedures

If we touched on the theme of douches, then let'slet's talk how to cool the dog in a hot heat. She does not have sweat glands, which is why she can not smell in the heat due to sweating. The only place of their dislocation is on the tip of the tongue. This is not accidental, because the skin of our pets is covered with a special film that protects it from dermatitis. Frequent washing of a dog with soap destroys this shell and opens the way for infections. Therefore, it is very rare to wash the dog with various means. But rinse with water, on the contrary, is recommended as often as possible. In addition, you need to stock up special tools that are used in the event that it is necessary to wash off strong contaminants. In zooptecs there are shampoos on herbs, which are purified much softer than those sold in the departments of household chemicals.

Can I pour a dog in the heat

Is the air conditioner a friend or an enemy?

Of course, the dog's behavior in the heat causessympathy, I want to help my furry friend, who, desperately sticking out his tongue, tries to hide in any secluded place. And many people come to mind to turn on the air conditioner. Dogs, like children, who are most often on the floor, are prone to pneumonia if they are sprayed with cool air. Therefore, adjust your split system, so that the air flows in a diffused flow, which is directed at the curtains. Also, do not set the temperature below +22 degrees. This is quite comfortable, and your pet will not get sick.

how to cool a dog in a hot heat


We have already touched on this topic a little, and nowLet's talk in more detail. Can a dog get a fever from the heat? Yes, if the animal received a heat stroke. In this case, the dog can begin to bark, try to shove his head into the grass, she may have rapid breathing or apathy. In this case, moisten her head with cool water and drive to the doctor. The temperature usually rises to 40 degrees. This disease is easier to prevent than cure. You can not leave the animal in the heat without supervision. If you are going on vacation, take a panama and more often wet the dog with water.

We will consider another frightening ailment - dry,cracked nose. This in itself is not dangerous, but presupposes the presence of a hidden disease. Perhaps the dog sniffed something that is a strong irritant. It will not hurt to go to the vet.

Drinking regime

If you plan to spend a few days onsea ​​coast, then do not forget that the dog should have a bowl of water with him. It must be regularly filled. Every minute the dog should have access to clean water. An excellent alternative to nutrition is kefir, because it tones well, dogs like it very much. Therefore, for hot days, put on kefir or natural yoghurt. Just do not forget the uneaten product immediately thrown out so that there are no problems with the digestive system. You can not leave the dog on a leash in the hot sun. That she did not have a heat stroke, accustom the animal to the panama, the lining of which must be soaked in cool water.

All of the above recommendations are veryimportant. The behavior of a dog in the heat is very indicative, you just need to be able to get information. In summer, all these rules can save your pet from many problems, as well as give a wonderful days of joint recreation in nature. Do not forget that before you go to the sea, you must visit a veterinarian to inspect the dog and give your recommendations. If the doctor is categorically against such a trip, then entrust caring for the pet to someone else or gather with him together in a shady line.

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