Before you put things in the commission, youyou need to know some rules that will help in this process. At first glance, it may seem that it is very simple, but in practice it usually turns out otherwise. So, let's deal with it.

take things to the commission


Well, if you have a lot of unnecessary clothes left, and there is nobody to give it to, then, of course, it's best to take it to a commission store. True, it is necessary to prepare fairly for this case.

The fact is that to hand over things to the commission is notalways succeed. Very often there are problems in which sellers refuse to accept the goods. The first thing you need to do is to choose the right clothes and items that you want to give.

Remember that clothes should not be visibledamage. No stains, paints, holes and other external defects. Of course, this does not mean that things should be completely new. Nevertheless, in current commission shops, only what looks presentable is taken.

In addition, pay attention to whattime of year and what kind of clothes you give. So, for example, if you try to take things into a commission in the wrong season, they simply can not accept. Agree, it is unlikely that someone will buy a fur coat in the summer, and a swimsuit - in the winter.

 where to put things in a commission

If you have accumulated a lot of different clothes, betterall sort it by size, and then already think where to put things in the commission and whether it is worth it to do at all. When you pick up everything that you can take, you can proceed to the next stage.

We are looking for a shop

Where to put things in the commission? More precisely, in which particular shop? The fact is that there are a lot of "sekondov" now, they all specialize in different clothes. So after you have picked up those or other things, take a look for the drain.

Before you go there, be sure to call the store. Quite often the goods are accepted only at certain hours and days of the week. Take care in advance that you do not have to walk back and forth.

Now that the stock is found, you can go to the next stage. Take your passport with you and get to work.

Packing and Delivery

Before you put things in the commission, you need to carefully pack them. Clothes, piled in one heap, are unlikely to be accepted. So wash everything, then pack it.

You can not only give clothes. If it is a question of technique, then first you need to check it for service, then carefully pack and agree on delivery. As a rule, small commission shops do not have such a service. We will have to seek help from friends, relatives or even to the delivery services. After the issue is settled, you can go to the store and talk to the seller.

where to put things in the commission

The final stage

The last stage in the commission of things in the commissionthe store is a contract with the sellers. You need to agree on the acceptance of the goods, then bring it to the store, where sellers will appreciate the quality of things and will tell their value. You can bargain a bit, though, in fact, it usually turns out that the store knows best, at what cost can one or another thing be bought.

When everything is agreed, you must sign a contractand leave your contact information for communication. From time to time, you will be interested in how your product is doing. When something is sold, the store will take from thirty to forty percent of the cost. The rest for about three days should be given to you. If the administration of the commission shop loses or spoils your thing, it will have to return the full cost of the goods to you. That's all. Now you know how to take things to a commission without problems.

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