Day of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, more precisely, the entire history of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is very closelyare connected with the history of civil defense, which in 2010 turned 78 years old. In general, the date of the start of the civil defense program is October 4, 1932, when the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR adopted the "Regulations on the Air Defense of the USSR." It was this that determined all the means and measures to protect the population and territories of the Soviet Union from air danger in those zones in which the enemy aviation troops might operate.

Day of the Ministry of Emergency Situations
The emergence of the day of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is due to the GO system, thenthere is a civil defense that influenced the revision of all views on the protection of both territories and the people living there. Such protection will be necessary if an enemy decides to use weapons of mass destruction.

The Emergencies Ministry emerged as a result of the resolutionCouncil of Ministers of the RSFSR of December 27, 1990, which was the reason for the formation in Russia of a separate body of rescuers. The Day of Emergency Situations Ministry began to be called on December 27 only since 1995, when the corresponding decree of the Russian President was adopted.

Day EMERCOM of Russia as a holiday appeared in 1988as a result of the Federal Law "On Civil Defense", which defined the objectives of the Civil Defense and its legal framework, the powers of government bodies of the Russian Federation and the executive power of its subjects, local governments, organizations regardless of ownership, as well as the means and forces of civil defense.

Today, the state and society have the opportunityin advance to recognize catastrophes, to anticipate crises and various incidents that may occur in the country and pose a threat to the security of the entire population. Thanks to the constant development of this structure, work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations is becoming more prestigious, and also safer and affordable even for people with standard health.

Day of EMERCOM of Russia

The facilitation of work in this structure is influenced bya large number of factors, one of which is a significant expansion of the range of tasks to be addressed by the MES organization. In addition, the Emergencies Ministry is strongly influenced by new projects implemented at different levels, from federal to municipal.

The Day of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is based on a broad development notonly the defense programs of the country, but also the organization of ensuring the safety of all citizens during emergencies of anthropogenic or natural character. That is why this holiday in the Russian Federation is a kind of tribute to all workers of this sector who very often risk their lives or even give it away for the sake of saving a large number of people.

work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

Thus, created by one single system,the work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations solves all issues arising in the Russian Federation related to the immediate threat to the life of the population. In addition, based on modern methods introduced a system of teaching all categories of the population in the field of its protection and civil defense. The All-Russian complex system of informing and alerting the population has also been created.

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