Children love to copy adults in everything, because momsand fathers for babies - unquestioned authority. Often you can observe the amusing and cute efforts of children to engage in adult activities, for example, to play with saucepans or, armed with a broom, to imitate the mother cleaning the house. Doll "Lawrence" will give the girl the opportunity to show tenderness and attention, similar to my mother's care for her, because this toy is so similar to a real baby, requiring care and love.

doll laurence

Recognized quality of Llorens brand

Lawrence Juan founded the company in 1995. in the Spanish city of Alicante, famous for making toys. Since then, Llorens has been successfully producing and selling highly artistic dolls all over the world for many years. The company models distinguish the quality of the embodiment, careful detailing and complete safety. The company uses exclusively certified components and latest technologies in production. This ensures the environmental friendliness of the Llorens doll.

llorens lorens dolls

Lawrence specializes in manufacturinginteractive dolls. Patented development of the company helped to achieve a unique similarity of their models with these children: toys with natural and lovely faces, fashionable clothes and stylish accessories.

The best gift for a girl

"Daughters-mothers" is the favorite game of all girls, andLlorens brand products are ideal for this, since it is very similar in appearance and features to real babies: they cry, they say, they close their eyes. Doll "Lawrence" is not only beautiful, it is very useful for children from three years old. Playing with the baby accustoms the girl to responsibility and care for the younger ones. Pups can be dressed up, bathed, combed and put on the bed at night, that is, to look after him like a real baby.

The assortment of the company is presented by models onany taste: blondes, brown-haired, brunettes, red-haired babies with freckles and even representatives of other races. Dolls-boys and girls performed in the same style look like brothers and sister. Stylish outfits from natural fabrics give character to each toy, emphasizing its dissimilarity in others. In most dolls, the body is stuffed, and the handles, legs and head are made of vinyl. Printed models are soft and cozy to the touch, so children happily embrace them. But there are dolls, completely made of vinyl.

Doll (Spain) "Lawrence" is more convenient inhandling, than usual пупсы, that does game with her comfortable, including for kids with the limited possibilities. Fingers on toy hands are clenched into fists so that the child dresses and undresses the pups, without any difficulties.


Llorens dolls know how to cry and talk. They say the most important words for kids: "Mom" and "Dad." The sound is turned off if necessary. It is not difficult to quickly calm the crying pugsik, giving him a pacifier, which is fastened on a clothespin to his clothes. The pupil's glass eyes are closed when she is laid on her back. They are framed by beautiful fluffy eyelashes.

Hair toys are made of quality nylon and stitched around the entire circumference of the head. Because of this, they are easy to wash and comb, they do not get confused and for a long time retain a beautiful appearance.

spain laurence doll

Soft plastic, from which the parts of the body of the pups are made, makes it possible to give the puppets' arms and legs any position.

Reviews of the doll

Parents liked the doll "Lawrence", the reviews of which it is fully confirmed. Particularly often praise the toy for the following qualities:

  • realism and beauty;
  • high-quality and fashionable clothes;
  • interactivity;
  • natural voice sound;
  • beautiful packaging;
  • stitched hair, which can be washed and combed;
  • acceptable price.

doll lorens reviews

Disadvantages of the toy are most usersnot found. There are some critical remarks about knitted garments that are not thoroughly processed from the inside. However, the durability of the pups is repeatedly emphasized. It is noted that the doll "Lawrence" has become a favorite of daughters of Russian customers for a long time.

Useful toy

Children's teachers and psychologists without much enthusiasmevaluate models in the style of Barbie, created by far-fetched ideals, because these toys do not properly educate the child and distort his perception of life. A doll in games should play the role of a girlfriend or daughter, which you need to take care of, with whom you always want to play or chat. Such doll, close to real human life, helps the girl to develop harmoniously, and not to admire the incredible beauty of the young lady and to strive to be like her.

Doll "Lawrence" is endowed with natural beauty,understandable to the child. This gift will not form a complex for the girl about her own appearance, but she will give exclusively positive emotions. Future self-esteem and self-confidence in many ways depend on the toys with which the baby played in childhood.

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