If houses are regularly held onSaturdays or Fridays and if more than 10 guests arrive, nothing will replace the dispenser. It will facilitate the service of all the guests, and the hostess will not add drinks to the guests without end, they will do it themselves. A modern creative device for filling drinks will give charm, refinement and nobility to the table.

Types of this cutlery

The dispenser will occupy a central place on the table. It will attract the attention of all the guests. Everyone who wants to drink will reach him. It can be used for pouring juices, water, beer. Dispensers for beverages are of two types: for cold or hot liquids. When the faucet opens, then under the force of its gravity, the drink flows into the container placed under it: in a glass, in a mug or a cup. On a hot day, it's ideal to pour a beer, a cocktail, a punch or juice into the Kul Pati dispenser, about which the certificate will be lower. As a rule, dispensers for drinks are made from plastic and do not break if they are inadvertently dropped. Often they are supplemented with metal parts.

The photo shows what various forms can have dispensers for drinks and how originally they can be placed.

dispensers for beverages
They are presented in the form of a cylinder,parallelepiped, ball, cone and have fantasy forms. Their design implies both a double look and a single one. Dispensers for beverages often have transparent walls, but this is not necessary. Convenience is that they are very easy to fill with liquid, as a rule, they take up little space (compact) and provide both a cold and a hot drink. They are easily brewed tea (in bags or pyramids). If you want to have a cooled beer on a hot day, for example, in some designs an ice flask is provided.

Dispenser for drinks "Kul Pati": reviews

So, you bought a plastic elegant dispenser for drinks "Kul Pati". In the photo, beer is poured into this dispenser.

beverage dispenser kul pati reviews

Reviews of happy owners say thatthe quality is high, because the manufacturer is Germany. It is stable on the table. The aesthetic look so pleases the view that it will be a wonderful unexpected gift.

Plastic dispenser "Globus"

It has the shape of the globe. It can not even be compared with a plastic bottle on the table. She will not decorate the table. A person with a developed aesthetic sense will always be pleased with his purchase. The form of the dispenser fits into any modern interior. Drinking beer, juice, lemonade from the dispenser "Globe" is a certain charm.

beverage dispenser globe reviews
A ball that can rotate stands onstable metal stand, the bottom of which does not slip. For this purpose, a special coating is provided. Opening the lid, located in the upper part, it pours the right beverage. The kit includes a funnel, thanks to which everything will be poured neatly. It remains only to turn the tap, and the glasses will pour the desired liquid, which will refresh you. Buyers who purchased the Globus drinks dispenser, reviews left a brief. They appreciate it for originality and consider it a wonderful gift.

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